Algorithmic composition

Yesterday was my first experience of bellringing - having read several of @mzero’s posts on the topic of ringing changes, I jumped at the chance to join a local bellringing society for an introduction to the basic techniques.

The group I have met seem focused on the practice of ‘method ringing’ - here is a resource for learning about this ancient tradition:


I know nothing about bell ringing, nor own an arc, but just reading the description I imagined an arc based app with bell physics and position via visual feedback??

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OMG the links here are golden. Thanks so much for sharing.


i have an upcoming album of algorithmically composed music for acoustic ensembles.

the music was all composed in max using generative techniques, translated into traditional music notation, and performed by live ensembles.


I am excited to announce I am NOT releasing my algorithmic post-technoish album now. But I want to release it very soon and it consists mostly of studies on Mark Fell’s pattern synthesis and “regularly irregular” rhythm producing techniques with a personal touch, but I’d rather do it with a very small label than self-release on Bandcamp and I am currently not in touch with any labels that seem me to be appropriate. Does anyone have a suggestion of a label with which I could work?

This is it in its current state:

[EDIT: replaced soundcloud with the real thing, now released!]

Any suggestions/help/feedback is appreciated. Thanks!


I don’t know the answer to your question but I hope you find it so I can buy this album. I love the sounds you’re making in here.


Thanks @Gahlord! <3

I’ll ping here when it is actually released :slight_smile:


contact parsa from
or perhaps


This is wonderful! How did you sequence this?
Where can we read more about these methods?

hey @ParanormalPatroler, thanks! It is all Max/MSP and some live interactions with me tweaking parameters in realtime, some final MIDI touches on a DAW. Almost all are variations of the methods employed by Mark Fell in his Multistability album. There’s some discussion on his methods here:


This is great! (Sorry, don’t know of any labels, but good luck finding one…)

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Just saw this through a Facebook post, please delete if already posted in this thread…


Hi @ParanormalPatroler, now that the album has been released, I discuss a bit more of the whole process here – in case you want to know more feel free to ask there!


Will do, such a lovely album! I’ll also make sure to buy it on bandcamp. Good work… I definitely want to read up on how you worked on it.