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I tried drum gate out - clock in and now it works.
But it’s all really almost too much in clock loses some magic as if it were less smooth without his.
Thanks anyway man, then I will also try with your solution :))!

I only have v3 and I’m loving it. Incredible sound quality. It looks really good paired with other acoustic string instruments especially or percussive instruments of course but it’s so hard to find similarly warm and imperfect synthesis sounds that go well together with this magical little machine.
I have yet to match it and try it with the ms20.
When you talk about inverted envelope do you mean like a reverse ?


Actually I mean the vca. Like it can have envious to the the sound to the right of 12 o’clock and then a drown with ducking envelopes to the left of 12 o’clock. It that makes sense

The differences between the v2 and the v3 are the very reason to have both. They are different enough to coexist and do interesting things.


Considering getting a DK v3, and just wondering about people’s experience sync’ing it with eurorack.

Either sending clock out from the eurorack into the DK or from the DK out into a PNW to drive the eurorack setup. Or is it better just leaving free-running and unclocked?

it’s easily clockable and runs tight for me.

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Thanks for the info!

Also, roughly how many cables do you need for the DK and what kinda lengths?

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if you’re only using banana cables with the DK, I’d say a minimum of 10 cables, varying lengths up a foot.

The Buchla cables are $5 apiece and feel nicer than the Pomona’s to me. I just ordered a bunch of the Modular Addict cables to check those out as well.

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Can also highly recommend the Noisebug banana cables if you’re looking for other colors / sizes

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+1 for the MA cables. colors and sizes yaaaaay.

I’d love to have this combo. I have v3 and it’s tons of fun to explore.

out of the banana cables I have, I think I like the MA ones the best. They are very soft and easier to patch than the Pomona’s and buchlas. Not sure what long term durability will be, but for the price they are a no-brainer.