dual varispeed delay lines in max for live

sine waves:

key difference of this delay vs. other varispeed delays is that record speed is always = 0 & the buffer is always overdubbed at play speed = 1. setting speed to -0.5 is a good demonstration of how this works.


Ableton Live
Max for Live




Oh yeah this is good fun, especially with some modulation/automation of the speed controls. Thank you!

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oof glad to hear some1 enjoying it already! feel free to share recordings. hadn’t even tried modulating this guy before, curious what that sounds like

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Okay here’s a quick little example with some automation. I have a random value changing speed1 between 0.5 and 2. Speed2 is left alone at -1. I’m playing 5 notes from Operator into it, but I’m never changing the octave in which I’m playing - that’s all down to the automation of Speed1. It’s a bit clicky but the filter helps (and I don’t mind the clicks personally). I’ve been having fun turning the dry signal all the way down and then aligning my playing with what this device is feeding back to me.

Thanks again for sharing this! I will definitely be using it in the future. :slight_smile:


!! absolutely beautiful !!

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very cool! i made my buffer looper (with lots of random) in max for live which has varispeed and a fun autorecord feature, if you wanna check it:

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i cannot wait to try this one!

nice ! feel free to make a thread in Library for it, I’m feeling there should be more m4l stuff here


this is an incredible delay. and yes modulating parameters is power held within imo.

Finally getting around to checking out some of these M4L patches, and wow very cool @andrew! Here’s the shuttle system being sequenced by Rozzer’s Advanced Step Seq for M4L, with Alliterate, speed being modulated by @Dan_Derks Hospital Food. Really nice work on these guys, can’t wait to get some more time with them.