Allow a post with 25 user mentions?

Over in Modular World Anniversary Show: May 8/9 I posted the line for a very large show. There are 25 members playing in it! I researched and found their user names and tried to include them… but there is a limit of 10 user mentions per post.

Could some admin either allow me to do 25 for this one post? Or perhaps if they can exceed that limit and I can’t, edit the post? I left all the usernames in, just added a space before the @ - just take the spaces out and save?

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the @ mention limit is an anti-spam setting that is set forum-wide; unfortunately, it can’t be set per-post.

however, i tried editing your post, and i think all the @ mentions were successful. the usernames are now all tagged, though it’s not clear if any beyond the first 10 were actually notified about their mention in the post.

(thank you for doing the lines username research, and for creating the Events thread!)


Thanks for the edits!

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