Alpha test crunch/remote - a Live remote script

I’ve been working on an Ableton Live remote script for controls with “strips” of controls, such as Novation LaunchControl XL, Akai MIDImix, Livid DS1, FaderFox UC44, etc…

crunch/remote is a remote script aimed at supporting live performance:

  • Logical auto-placement of tracks, returns, and master on the controller.
  • Flexible and easy control over placement, per-set.
  • Auto-mapped track controls for macros on racks and chains
  • Auto-mapped track controls for EQ3 devices
  • Customized controller mapping via a simple configuration file format
  • Based on Ableton’s own _Framework for remote scripts

I’ve been using it my own live sets for a few weeks, and I’m ready for a first few alpha testers:


I’d appreciate it if you’d keep this within the community for now.


Congrats on going public with it, sir.

This is awesome. Thanks for making this.

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