alphabet sequencer

alphabet sequencer

sequence synth voices with sequins

alphabet sequencer uses several different sequins, labeled a-m and x-z, to sequence the following from druid:

  • v/8 from crow outputs 1 & 3 (sequins a and c)
  • AR envelopes from crow outputs 2 & 4 (sequins b and d)
  • pitch, timing, and level for 3 voices on just friends in synth mode (sequins e-m)
  • pitch, timing, and level for w/syn (sequins x-z)


  • crow
  • druid


  • just friends
  • w/


–start playback for outputs 1-4 with start_playing()
–start playback on just friends with start_jf()
–start playback on w/syn with start_with()
–or start eveything at once with start_everything()
–stop playback on outputs 1-4 with stop_playing()
–stop playback on just friends with stop_jf()
–stop playback on w/syn with stop_with()
–or stop everything at once with stop_everything()
–try updating the sequins!
–see comments in the script for more details on which sequins do what


v1.0.0 - [now available in bowery]


Awesome, the song you posted sounds great! Going to give this a try soon, been looking for more stand alone crow scripts for inspiration :slight_smile:


thanks! I’d love to hear anything you make with it. And let me know if any questions arise. I’m happy to help however I can

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this demo sounds so good! gonna load it up tomorrow. thanks for sharing, @WilliamHazard!


This demo sounds really lovely!! I’ve been so skittish of diving into Crow, but I think these scripts will help get me past that hurdle.

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