ALSEP12 by infinite digits

today, November 24th, 2020, marks the 51st anniversary of the final landing of the Apollo 12 space mission. it also is my first anniversary of creating an album commemorating that mission.

i personally find this to be the best thing i’ve ever made musically, as it represents a total and complete thought that i executed to my best ability (at the time). i made this album shortly after getting my first synthesizer last year, an OP-1. when i first got the OP-1 i would make tunes every morning by sampling bits from NPR stations via its radio. one morning i heard this NPR story about the Apollo 12 mission that inspired me to make this album - a complete soundtrack of the entire Apollo 12 mission, which i made entirely on the OP-1 (my only instrument…at the time :slight_smile: ).

NASA has (almost) all of the recordings for the Apollo 12 mission online. i had some very tedious work to do for my job and i ended up finding a lot of solace in just listening to hours of the raw NASA audio to fill the tedium. there are some really funny and interesting sections. for this album i picked out the most emblematic moments and made songs around them and ordered them chronologically so you can get a sense of the Apollo 12 mission from start to end. in general, the mission encapsulated a lot of joy (singing on the moon! throwing rocks on the moon!), a lot of scares (getting hit by lightning during takeoff!) and a lot of tedium (fixing a generator that kept getting dust on it!).

looking back i still love this album and listen to it almost every week. i’ve never shared it here and thought maybe someone else might enjoy it too.