Altar for Monome Modules

Teletype + Walk + Altar?

Walk is maybe for pedal conversion to euro or…?
Teletype, I’m guessing is something like an Aleph in Euro? More jacks though…Thanks for the sneak peak Kelli.

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Dying to know more :frog: :watch: :loud_sound:

Walk looks like maybe a duel envelope follower? or maybe a footpedal interface. Voltage plus trigger out for 1 and 2, then OR and AND logic.

Ahh, Expression pedals maybe? Looking forward to hearing more about them also. @tehn

wait, @tehn, where is the disco ball/rotating crystal step sequencer in the altar? is it imbedded in the stone of a warm heart?

With a name like “Walk” and two 1/4" inputs, I’d agree with it being a sort of footpedal interface. @tehn was also doing some pretty clever modulation using a foot pedal when he demoed at Control the other month, so there is definitely an interest in this type of expression coming out of the monome camp.

my hope : mini aleph, with serious onboard dsp

my wild guess though : it’s actually specifically targeted at max, and ships with max objects to directly interface your modular into your max patch

either way i guess i’ll be sacrificing my wallet on the altar of monome

well my guess for teletype would be:

but euro…

That’s what I was thinking. Looks like a pretty straightforward hardware implementation to me - 8 ins from the meadowphysics module and 8 outs to, well, you name it.

I would assume the screen is for reading (and possibly setting?) the type of cv values that are going out…

not that that wouldn’t be cool, but i’m hoping there’s more to it than that, given all the hp that screen eats up

Ohh right, Teletype app. Not sure I’ve ever tried that one.

oh. do we have “controversial” here? what do you think? :relaxed:

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yes we do.

the tension is killing me


Where’d that guy get such a giant feather?

Teletype looks interesting - do you suppose that in is for a clock? Seems like you wouldn’t need one if those 1-8 jacks hook right up to mp, those would ‘drive’ the teletype I’d think. Maybe audio/cv in? Assuming the functionality is like the app of the same name, although I’ve not played with it myself.

I wonder if teletype couldn’t connect to mp over a ribbon cable, especially if you always intend to use them together. What I’m left wondering is what is the grid doing, assuming that the usb is to attach a grid. Is the grid running meadowphysics off the teletype module? Does this mean you wouldn’t need a separate mp module (and the 1-8 jacks are actually the 8 outs of mp - seems unlikely)?

And I’m guessing chrisharrisx is right about the screen - the ‘type’ of the teletype - it must be the interface for entering and displaying the events that are triggered. I’m just curious about how they’re entered - I can’t figure out how text could be gracefully entered on that screen given what we know so far. Pushing and turning the param knob to enter text seems awfully tedious to be the case, but maybe.

Hopefully the altar is holding the place for whatever can sync earthsea up to a clock - unless there’s something walk or teletype is doing to make that happen that I don’t get yet.

Sure all questions will soon be answered but speculation sure is fun. Sure looks badass, psyched to see new gear!

+1 for speculation. USB is probably for the switch module.

I’ve used the teletype app quite a lot and really like it, so I’m pretty excited to see some sort of hardware manifestation of it. It could really open a lot of possibilities for meadowphysics and white whale IMO

Could take a Usb keyboard for live coding…

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exactly my thoughts… so weird, I love it :smile:

apologies for letting you all play the speculation game. shooting/editing video presently to be posted as soon as it’s done today-- along with text and a fully new website (uhh.) it’ll all be clear soon. i had more fun with the modular than ever before while testing last night.