Altered Form - "The Spectral Path" [Good Glass Records] - (cassette shipping now)

Hi, everyone! Good Glass Records, who brought you “The First Arcologists” featuring people from Lines, is now shipping tapes of the latest Altered Form album, “The Spectral Path.” Altered Form themselves, RP, has also recently gotten a Norns and joined Lines and started contributing as @shoggoth

Recorded between 2018 and 2020 in the woods outside of Richmond VA, Altered Form’s new full length builds on their established songwriting and tone palette with entirely new grammar and vocabulary of pointillist constructions. A simultaneous journey into outer and inner space - as above, so below - the project’s fourth chapter combines sylvan field recordings with hand-tuned synthesized electronics, the natural and synthetic harmonized in alchemical balance. No artificial divide between “man and nature,” here or at the very end of the galaxy.

Contemplative listeners will detect the faintest hint of an ongoing narrative, now reaching its fourth and most complex chapter. Our narrator walks a long path - both in the luscious rurality of her youth, and into the cosmos at the end of all things. Is it future or is it past? What menace manipulates along the way? There is no man and no nature.

A collaborative release between Good Glass Records and Anthems Of The Undesirable, this album positions Altered Form between the haunting and the familiar, the photon glow of youth and the phosphorescent fade of autumn, the hardest science fiction and celestial choir. We are immensely proud to present this new chapter in their ongoing story.