Alternative Teletype keyboard recommendations (mechanical, wireless, etc)

I’m loving playing with teletype, but don’t really like typing in commands on the included keyboard.

Has anyone tried a mechanical cherry switch keyboard? Most of the ones I can find locally have backlights etc which I’m not sure will work with TT.

Anyone out there have other recommendations for a better feeling keyboard that will work?

they should work provided they don’t have a built-in USB hub.

thanks for the quick reply - sorry for my misunderstanding but are you saying a backlit keyboard (without a hub) will likely work? or simply a mechanical keyboard?

if the mechanical keyboard (backlit or not) does not have a USB hub built-in, and simply appears to the TT as a “usb HID class keyboard” it will work. sorry for the confusion!


I just plugged a zowie celeritas modded cherry brown keyboard (one of my kids is a pro gamer… we have these things sitting around…) in and it worked just fine. It isn’t backlit, though, so if that is a variable in terms of this working I can’t attest to that.

superb - don’t really care about the backlight, just the keys - will go shopping and report back here with my results :slight_smile:

My TT has been grumpy with backlit keyboards. Doesn’t seem to like the power drain.

On a related note, has anyone tried any wireless keyboards with a teletype?

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not kb, but wireless num pad

I use a KBC Poker 3 with mine. Works perfect.

Hi all, I just found a wireless keyboard at Office Depot that works with my Teletype! It’s a Microsoft N9Z-00001 and it’s made to appear to the host machine as a HID device. I just plugged the included USB transceiver into the Teletype and it worked. I don’t know yet if there are any compatibility issues; I’ll post here if I find any.

Here it is on Amazon:

I paid $10 more at Office Depot, but I’m so stoked I don’t care!


Thats good to know, I’m also having some usability issues with my cable spaghetti all around, would definitely like to have keyboard on TT in wireless mode.

Oh, here’s my post!

I posted a new thread about it because this one was about mechanical keyboards, and I don’t care a whit about clacky things with cables: I wanted a wireless solution, as do many others.

so is there a USB dongle thingy you plug into TT with this?

Got so excited when I saw your post @jnoble that I opened my Amazon app and ordered one.
Well - it already arrived and works fantastically!

I’ve tried several wireless options with the TT and they haven’t ever worked. I’d given up … but then you showed me the light!!

Makes me want to figure out how to get the trackpad to do something! If only there were time… :wink:

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Yes, it’s a very short USB transceiver.

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Ohhhhh, yes please … that would be incredible as a wireless controller!


Ooh, what’s this one? Looks nice!

some custom job. there are soooo many.