Alternative to Itunes?

wondering if anyone has a recommendation for alternative software for a music library on a mac.

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In my linux box i use this one, which has a release for mac:


thanks, will give that a try.

I’ve been using VLC recently, which is very stripped down (but that’s kind of nice in its own way). You can just add your iTunes media folder to the lib. I tried a few different options a couple months ago, Fidelia was probably my favorite, but it was also a bit buggy.


I use vox. It’s a bit too fully featured, if that’s a thing.


Any recommendations for windows? i’ve been all spotify for ~2 years but i’m thinking about getting back into MP3 and FLAC.

I use Audiofinder on OS X, but it’s really more of a sample library than a music library.

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Have they figured out a way to show album art in VLC yet?

quodlibet as i sugested previously also works on winderz

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I don’t think so (I looked in preferences a while back and couldn’t find anything)

You’ve got to be willing to get fiddly, but I use beets for ingesting and managing files, and a subsonic server on an old mac mini for playback…

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I used this as an alternative for iTunes on my Mac. Used the demo and liked it, but not enough to buy it, and then I got on that Spotify train, and now don’t really use any local music management.

My poor tracks…


That looks nice. Reminds me of Foobar, which was my go-to for music playback when I was a Windows user.


I use it on my phone and it does.

thanks for all the suggestions! i think i am going to try out vox for a month. i like the lossless cloud thing a lot. i like having my full library stream-able (i do a lot of listening in the car) and i want to get rid of spotify… although i buy quite a bit of music (mostly bandcamp of late) i can never quite feel okay with spotify.


20 characters of mpd + ncmpcpp

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i’ve been using foobar recently, seems alright. bit messy maybe.

I also use spotify for my general consumption needs, for windows id reccomend VLC, the default audio player in win10 is bad and VLC allows you to manage your songs better, you’ll just have to do good folder sorting to have everything accessible. If you need mobile access you can always set up a plex server, not that hard to do.

I started using Korg’s AudioGate app on my iPhone to deal with hires files, and it’s worked out well.

Ii haven’t tried the Mac version, but it might be worth a look.

I use Swinsian.
It’s like iTunes circa 2002 before all the nonsense was added.
I like it. NB - it doesn’t rip, I use Max.