Alternative tuning, scales, quantizing, etc

only ~410 notes per octave? bah! :joy:


You know, if I were a maker of digital musical instruments, I would definitely overuse “PD is free” as a response to feature requests


Yeah my knowledge of MIDI is fairly limited so Ableton is naturally where my mind goes first but I just meant using the computer as sort of an intermediary between the controller and Ansible.

Mutable Olivier prototypes in PD a lot apparently and I’m sure he’s not the only one.

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Computers for quantizing? It’s overkill, for one thing, and IME a really awful experience–though it may be better with the right lashup of input and output for the computer.

I for one am baffled by the default 12TET mindset in electronic music.

Thankfully if you do modular or analog things are never really in 12TET.

Weeeeellll, I think this is only true in the same sense that an orchestra is never really in 12TET. The dearth of quantizers that offer scales outside of 12TET speaks to @jnoble’s point.

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I just mean things are never in any kind of tuning.

But yeah, I’m also surprised but OTOH my first pitch quantizer was an Ornament and Crime, so I always knew there were other options.

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About half my first album is some kind of microtuning (19TET, 24TET, non-Western, etc), and the remainder is as well-tuned 12TET as any acoustic instrument I’ve ever played. YMMV

Agreed - 12 TET has never made sense when looked at in detail…

I haven’t watched the video, but the circle of fifths supports the notion of having 12 tones (but note the Pythagorean comma …).

But other systems have a lot of possibilities, including exotic stuff like non-octave based scales.

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Not to dogpile, but I agree with @jnoble—12 does seem reasonable as a result of circle-of-fifths calculation. Then in defense of equal tuning, considering how fundamental it is for Western music from Bach to Schoenberg and on, as far as arbitrary standards go, it’s not so bad!

(it was a joke! Things go out of tune, etc.

Going to observe from the corner now :wink: )


Now that we’re in our own thread (yay!), maybe I’ll throw in a music link that plays with tuning in a fun way:

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its worth watching that video if you havent…yeah its “good enough” for most things but that video shows how overly and unnecessarily complicated and other divisions and multiplication of the 12-TET - like 7-TET or 19-TET
Its worth 5 mins of your time

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You were right, it was cute, although as with most “let’s talk about the MATH” videos, its philosophical underpinnings seemed … lacking. After all, no one would argue that 12TET is the ‘default system’ in Western music because it is an optimal tuning for expressing 5ths, much less the intervals found in the major scale, so it’s not clear to me that 7-TET or 19-TET would be “better”.

One exciting (or not) thing about being a musician in the 21st century is that in fact, if one decides, it’s dramatically cheaper than in previous centuries to create strange, “bespoke” pitch systems for one or a few pieces, since harmony need not play the same organizational role it has in music of the past.

I’ve never really got into alternative tunings, but it’s something I always eye up in the Kaivo plugin, So many options! Three different Xenakis options! :dark_sunglasses:

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Madrona Labs plug-ins, timeless, the only ones I come back to again and again. Many thanks to @randy.

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