Alternatives to Walk

as there are no more walks currently scheduled, this thread can serve as some suggestions of alternatives that have similar functionality until there’s another run of walks… or if it turns out monome won’t be making anymore.

here’s the module @tehn was talking about, made by doepfer:


How about rolling our own? From what I see the Doepfer module is just about two resistors and a capacitor. Must be pretty straight forward as it’s just using a mechanical switch to generate two different on/off voltages. Also that would have the benefit of having a really simple monome-esque aluminum faceplate.

I might look into it in a few weeks when I’m done with school.


for the diy inclined you can solder a footswitch to a jack and 9v battery and plug that into teletype.

requires a scripted brief mute of the input to debounce. haven’t experimented with hold -> gate functions but i don’t see why that wouldn’t work. just poll the input state with a fast metro…


I may have asked this elsewhere, so forgive my morning brain, but has anyone used the FH-1 with USB foot pedals?

this could be debounced with a two resistors and capacitor.


FWIW, I am working on A Thing. Definitely a cousin of Walk; only one foot input; slightly different range of outputs. No ETA; it’s a project to learn a few things on. The goal is manufactured, not DIY.

If foot control is of interest to you, I might be interested in your opinions.


As a person who currently largely treats his modular synth as an oversized electric guitar pedal, I’d be interested in learning more.


you got a message in 20 characters.

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I have Walk and a couple of DIY (admittedly not fantastic) button-to-trigger doodads and this interests me, as I’m keen to have other things for my hands and feet and elbows to do besides turn knobs…

hello infovore, i’m interested as well in developments!

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Ya’ll will want to know what @infovore is cooking. Get on board. Show him the love.


@infovore, I’m interested.

I’m so looking forward to finding time to play with guitar into Eurorack

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I’m interested in 20 chars.

picked up a A-177-2 today. Works perfectly with my random sustain pedal I had lying around, and my Moog expression pedal. Excited for controlling modular from the piano! Using W/ as looper, with the footswitch as punch in and out control :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Wow, i fid not realize how affordable the a-177-2 is. Ordered and on its way! Certainly looking forward to punching in w/ by foot and i like the idea of ramping tape speed via expression pedal.

Wow, before I start frying modules, should I be concerned that the 177-2 basically outputs straight 12v rail voltage as the gates?