Am I losing my mind? RE:Midi clock start/stop and link


I returned to my grid and shield last night after a couple of months absence, after updating everything I open up some scripts.
It seems that many of them don’t seem to be receive midi start/stop messages, and link doesn’t work either. And I would have sworn they did before, as that is how my setup is… am I losing my mind?

Everything receives clock tempo, but a load of my scripts seem to not be starting/stopping with midi or link.

No Midi or Link (which I though had Midi start/stop ability)-
Granchild (I swear this had start/stop, but I haven’t used it in a couple of months)

No Midi or link (but unsure if they generally do, as I haven’t learnt about them yet)

No midi stop/start, but link works -
Cheat codes

Midi and Link work -

I have moved from midi to link, and tried it with link play stop/start enabled and disabled… A bit confused…

I initially thought it might have something to do with the new image, but I can’t seem to find any info around with anyone else saying similar.

Any ideas, or pointers to what I can test? Or did I just make this all up? And none of these had midi clock start/stop! Haha!

What start/stop behaviours are you expecting from MLR or Grandchild?
A lot of these are asynchronous multitrack things where midi start/stop behaviours would be kinda undefined anyway. Would midi start make all tracks start?

By the looks of it, scripts that are designed for tight clocked functionality like NYDL have start/stop working fine, which suggests none of your clocking stuff is broken, so I’m gonna say probably the scripts that start/stop aren’t affecting don’t have that functionality to begin with. Maybe you could try modifying them to add that?

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As @nonverbalpoetry already said. mlr does not receive or send midi start/stop… not sure about the others but browsing the code should clear that up.

Another thing to look into would be if your midi device is set to the first slot in the system menu (in case you can‘t select a device in the running script itself).

If link works in cheat codes, midi should too.


Yes! Grey matter definitely flickered about MLR. It didn’t start/stop, but it quantise launched to the clock.

Thanks for reminding me!

Granchild - fair enough, I just thought it did start/stop, but again maybe my memory is wrong. Maybe it was like MLR and more a launch quantising than start/stop messages and my brain has pushed them together

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I shall also look into this as I have a usb with two midi that are interchangeable