A'mas 14th of October - Surround sound - London (UK)

Hello everyone,

I am very excited to announce A’mas first indoor fall edition on a 8ch surround sound system.
We have been working tirelessly in the last 2 months to produce our take to surround sound.
We have made a self designed controlling app and a max patch to allow performers to use the surround sound technique (actually ambisonic) as an additional musical instruments to their arsenal.

I hope we succeeded in that but I will love to see all of you in London to tell us if it si good or bad.

Venue is ExFed
199 Eade Rd, Harringay Warehouse District, London N4 1DN

Links to event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1652627701533200/
Links to tickets: https://tickets.partyforthepeople.org/events/4312-a-mas-october-2018
You can also pay on the door.

We will be streaming in binaural so please listen to it on our facebook page, hopefully it would be the same as the live event.


I’m curious, the sound system is definitely something Id like to hear…but what kinds of music ?

Anyone else going? Is there a bar?

Every-time you post about these I really want to come and check it out, but it always seems to be really last minute. Are they announced anywhere else earlier? Or is it a deliberate tactic to keep it low key?


@Zedkah this is the entire line-up and how we run the event:

Collective Jam All Artists

ORES (surround sound)

Paul Hierophant (surround sound)

Rico Casazza (extended stereo)

Ruido (surround sound)

Xavier Watkins (surround sound)

Analog Visuals by

Crowley Engel II


It is mainly experimental electronics/improvisation but can vary according to the performers.
We do not stick to one genre, the only rule is that it has to be played live so that all can jam at the end.

There is a bar, not strictly in the venue, but in the New River Studios at about 1 min walk from our entrance.
The space is divided in two venues New River Studios and EsFed, it is in Manor House Harringay Warehouse district.

@delmerdarion I am sorry it is always short notice.
I have to admit that I am not the best in terms of organisation and to my excuse, I am a father and I work almost full time.
We try our best to organise this every month and to push our limits every time, just some details slips through and we take time to get the girp of.

If you like our facebook page, you will be updated as soon as we post anything:

For the moment this is the only place that gets updated continuously.

Hope to see you there


No worries! Sounds like a lot of organisation must go into it. Won’t be able to make it to this one, but will keep an eye out for the next.

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Not sure if anyone came but if you did, please let me know your impressions.

In any case next one will be on the 11th of November @ExFed in manor House

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