A'mas 23rd of June - London (UK)

Again that time of the month.
Another A’mas is happening in London (UK).
Again outdoor secret location (the same as last one really).

To know the location please get (free) tickets here:

If anyone from the forum is coming please introduce yourself, I am the guy presenting.


That looks like a very nice event :slight_smile:

Please join if you are around or you can watch the streaming on https://www.facebook.com/meetup.events.london/

Dammit -I can’t make it this weekend, looks like a cool event! I have tweeted it out as I know a few folks who would definitely be interested. I’ll have to keep an eye ot for future events.


Thank you for the support.
It is a monthly event so I am sure we will manage to have you at some point.
We also look for performers so if anyone has a project that wants to present please send us an email
Meetup.events (Gmail)

Also if you like our fb page you will receive all info for the future.

And so not forget it is live streamed and then the recordings are on out on our YouTube

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Do you have to be on FB…as I’m not?

Not sure
Have a try.
Anyway this is of my concern as well.
Problem is fb is the only streaming platform supporting 3D video and audio
And as we are moving towards a surround sound based event, we are sticking with it.
Anyway I keep exploring other possibilities but this time fb streaming only

I think youtube supports 3D video and audio streaming.Its an old article though

Yes I know but it seems that Facebook is the only realiable one.
Anyway I would like to depart from it asap so i am open to know about experiences with other providers

I just got a ticket this morning - but I’m concerned that I might have missed the mail out which says where it is… Can anyone inform me? :3

You did not.
As we are having a lot of people getting the tickets as we speak, we are waiting to send the email out.
Just be patient.
Closest transport New Cross Gate

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