Ambient Leeds: 8th January, The Fenton, Leeds, UK

Excited to be playing at Ambient Leeds again tomorrow. Should be a lovely evening of mellow sounds :melting_face:

Ambient Leeds is back, and kicking off 2023 with a meditative evening of peaceful music!

JD Roberts

Master of the ambient pastoral, weaving intricate nature-infused electronic soundscapes of deep forests and lonely seashores, through which melancholic woodwinds wander wistfully. Calm, relaxing, yet darkly mysterious, Roberts’ blend of the electronic, the natural and the acoustic is sure to transport you to other worlds.

Tim Cross

An electronic musician making atmospheric, melodic ambient music. A sound explorer, Tim voyages through the aural universe, from hypnotic rhythms to transcendent drones, taking you on a journey through the known and unknown sound worlds.

Matt Robson

mattrobson is a producer from Leeds. Previous musical jaunts have seen him play drums for little known indie pop noisesters, The Blanche Hudson Weekend, and yet further back still, a whole plethora of other ultra-obscure loser bands, across numerous genres, now long since regaled to the data dump of history.

Once vaguely known under the randomNumber moniker, mattrobson is usually found churning out vast swathes of unpalatable, skittery electronic music. However, for this evening’s outing, a specially prepared set of hitherto unreleased material, leaning into a gentler and more melodic form, will be showcased.

Expect post-Fennesz pastoral sound design, glossy arpeggios and some actual chord progressions (honest!) all served up in a cautiously uplifting, but still somewhat melancholic, beatless electronica, that has a warm northern heart.