Ambient Nuggets #3 - Bauer & Johan Fotmeijer

Quite extremely happy to shout about the birthday/release of Ambient Nuggets #3 - Bauer & Johan Fotmeijer on Purlieu Recordings (helmed by the wonderful @vicimity).

Having followed the work of Linus and Johan for a number of years, it’s a real pleasure to do a record with them, and hope you enjoy it. The ‘Ambient Nuggets’ concept is really interesting - a nice challenge to establish an ambient mood with a minimum track duration.

Also - all the proceeds on this one will go to Food Not Bombs.

For the curious, here’s some info about the record ////

Bauer is the experimental music project of Robert Soma-Lewis, investigating sound fields both light and dark. Building up dense and organic textures from electronic and acoustic source material, he elicits familiar-but-forgotten memories, fragments of dreams, and impossible landscapes to occupy and travel within.
He has recently released singles ‘Nets’ and ‘Fissure’, and has an EP in the works.

Johan Fotmeijer is becoming a household name on Purlieu with releases as both Claudia Bonarelli and Johan Fotmeijer represented in the back catalouge. Johan’s voice in electronic music is a delicate craft of combining thoughtful and spontaneous, playful and serious.

Johan is also one half of Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet (where I am the other half) and this is also how Johan and Rob first crossed paths. Rob reached out a couple of years ago and there was some correspondance regarding our different musical outlets. This is the first time their music meet on a shared platform.

Love and listen. /Linn + Linus, Purlieu Recordings

Mastered by: Rob Soma-Lewis at Ambient Works
Cover photo by: Linn Schrab