he’s a freaking wizard man


My first thought for an additional effect was also timestretching. I would also love to interface with these effects using the grid in the future.

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Super happy for this script to be born!
+1 here for Grid support!
I hope to see this code growing and growing, let’s break some loops tomorrow morning!


Literally all I wanted and more. Thank you


the fx kinda remind me of koala

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thanks for the kind words, all.


do you mean to like slow down a loop while keeping pitch the same (kinda like a granulator maybe?)

love these ideas. hpf coming. beat repeating is there (its called “loop”) and currently it does 2 beats but can add in a option for that. not super sure how timestretch works in practice, any examples would be welcomed :slight_smile:

thank you @mattbiddulph. your work is such an inspiration- I’ve been thinking about this kind of thing since beets first put me onto it.

never knew about koala - wow it is cool. love the idea of crossfading scenes! hmmmmm


ooh dang that grid teaser is exciting!

yes, and it’s sorta like a granulator.

ignore all the manual repitching they are doing with the knob (though that sounds so nice! i love aliased repitching) the time stretch bit you can hear around 0:35-0:45 when the drum hits get dragged out.
i was imagining that you could set the rate of the stretch to some division of the loop length? or maybe it’s just a percentage.


This is really excellent, very intuitive UI and controls.

It would be great to have access to some effect parameters in the menus, if you think that’s worth it (like the frequency for the strobe, bitcrush tate/bit depth and maybe blend, etc.).

Thanks for the great work.

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Oh are you thinking something like what the Akaizer VST does?


Yeah! When I refer to time stretching I’m thinking about that sound you can get in ableton when you place two warp markers on a waveform and pull them as far away from eachother as possible. Granulation accomplishes the same elongated note type effect, but I’m specifically thinking grains with very little spread (nice to have options tho). Pretty linear. Like in drum n bass music when you get that weird stretched out “yyaaaaa mmonnnn” vocal sample. Woo! Grid! 64 version? :thinking:

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They should implement the “20likes” button, here on Lines! Thanks @infinitedigits


thanks @lleicamun :slight_smile:

yeah @oscillateur I can definitely explode out controls in params menu.

@Clashley1, @shellfritsch I think I got something akin to “timestretching” with @CALC’s help and the ideas from those videos. here’s the sound (I start fiddling with the two parameters around 4 seconds in):



Yes! That’s definitely the effect! You’re on top of it… AND 64 support!?
Is it hot in here or is it just all my dreams coming true?


Wow. Just… WOW. Thanks for this, it’s already just in my head SO useful!

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This looks super promising! Yet to get my head around it tho. Am I missing something or is there no way to fine tune the loop out point, like you can with the in point when zooming in?

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oops ah yeah there is no way to do that right now. the sampler clamps you down to exactly X beats so only the first loop point can be finely adjusted (the end loop point is always X beats away from that). I’m thinking now I need not clamp down the sampler so much because the performance mode can figure out the beats pretty wisely.


u sure did! sounds great!!

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hey ya!

so i can’t seem to get anything to play in performance mode.

i was able to play and even record in sampler mode but when i switch to performance mode nothing will play.

the commands on the screen light up with button presses but nothing plays.

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I had the same problem for a while and no idea how I solved it ! just pressed/turned stuff and eventually it got going :-S

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v0.1.0 - more effects, more parameters, more grid

this update requires a restart, since engine is updated.

  • new feature: adjustable syncing (PARAMS -> sync per loop)
  • new feature: disable loop quantization (PARAMS -> quantize loopend)
  • new feature: adjustable loop/retriggering
  • new feature: grid support
  • new effect: timestretching (pretty coarse but does the job)
  • new effect: hpf
  • new effect: half-speed
  • ui: parameters for loops, bitcrushing, timestretching map to k2 and k3 now

demo (amen break loaded for both loops #1 and #2, panned left and right respectively):

grid: divided into left and right sides corresponding to loops #1 and #2 respectively. the first six rows are mapped across the entire sample, with brightness showing transient heights. pressing a key in this area will jump to that position. pressing and holding two keys will resize the current loop. the bottom two rows map to all the parameters (pressing one will show it on the norns so you can see what they are).

can you press “stop” and then “play” to see if that does anything? wonder if things go into a weird state. any errors in maiden?