this is a dedicated amen break script for norns. with 2 knobs - amen and break (plus more stuff). thanks @scanner_darkly for the inspiration :star:


  • norns
  • at least 150MB of disk space




E2 amens, E3 breaks.


  • over 200 amen break samples (from internet archive), loaded into memory for instant playback
  • automatic stutter/stretch/delay effects (amen+break)
  • overdrive/decimate/degrade control (punch)
  • kick drum added to bolster kicks of pre-analyzed samples
  • edit mode allows manipulating individual slices/kick volume
  • all effects are determined by probabilities with sweet spots controlled by many different easing functions (thanks to @dewb for pointing this out)
  • (with grid) bass engine w/ keyboard+sequencer, looped/one-shot sample player


there are two modes - performance and editor.

in performance mode:

  • K1 switches to edit mode
  • K2 switches parameters
  • K3 stops/starts
  • E1 changes volume
  • E2 changes amen/track
  • E3 changes break/punch

in edit mode:

  • K1 switches to performance
  • K2 select slice
  • K3 auditions slice
  • E1 changes kick
  • E2 zooms
  • E3 jogs slice

f*** it:

  • any two keys



the fx region of the grid has the following effects in order, left-to-right and top to bottom: stretch, change volume, change pitch, delay, reverse, gate, tape stop, filter, mute

if you are using the sample player you can only sync them if they have bpm in the title. for example, my_sound_bpm120.wav will process it as a 120-bpm sample. upon loading, amenbreak stretches the sample to keep the same pitch but match the current tempo. note: this only works when loading, so be careful when using samples and changing tempo.


please note that the first time you run it will say “loading…” for awhile while it downloads the samples.

install with


Oh now this is exciting! Can’t wait to give this a wiggle. Thanks!!!


Nice, i just spent all day today with Abacus and the amen break. I might spend the evening with this haha :slight_smile: Give me a break.

PS. Sweet breakcore demo!!


haha this is incredible, thanks !!!

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another gem, most fun


This is rad. I’m so excited to play with this! Thank you!


thanks everyone for the kind words. this script was a lot of fun to make and builds on all the things I’ve been learning.

v1.1.0 - built-in tape emulation

  • integrated tapedeck in the PARAMS > TAPE menu
  • added tape stop as an effect
  • add sidechaining for incoming audio
  • fix random mistakes
  • break breaks even more

instead of putting tapedeck on a norns at the end of the chain, I just went ahead and added tapedeck to the audio output for amenbreak. things can get even more distorted/gritty if you choose. also there’s tape effects (tape stops, slow downs).


I’m am re-living my youth of listening to drum and bass mixtapes loud on walkmans and cheap headphones.


This is so much fun! Breaks for dayzzzz!

Is there a way to reset the break to the beginning of the loop after a tape stop?


To piggyback off of this; a start/stop/reset function, both through physical key input on the Norns AND through midi would make this an amazing companion piece to other gear but is tough to pair otherwise.


Really good idea! How difficult will it be, though…

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The beauty of not being able to code is I can just blankly and coldly list out ideas that excite me, with little consideration, beyond common courtesy, for the difficulty in implementation.


Hopefully it’s something that could actually work tho! I tried paring this script with a Tenori-on for some ambient DnB and sadly, because of the sync issues, it was a no go.

Fingers crossed!


Thank you very much for this script, @infinitedigits. As I told you before, it’s very inspiring and a game changer for an amen break :pray:t3::drum: freak like me :slight_smile: I’m using it everyday :sparkles:

What I need to do to load my own breaks? Basically record/edit them 160 bpm and save in the folder?


love this !!!

you should just be able to load them in by opening them up via the load sample in the PARAMS menu! I didn’t add automatic spicing in this script, so you’ll have to edit the splices yourself. if you do know the bpm you can put the bpm in the filename, like file_bpm160.wav so that it will automatically detect it and keep it in sync. also if you want the splicing to be as easy as possible, you can make sure the loop is a specific number of beats and add that into the filename as well. like file_beats4_bpm160.wav - this example should be 1.5 seconds long and it will then splice perfectly across it.

hm! I added a midi start/stop function. I never tested it though so maybe its not working…I’ll take a look!

yeah that’s a good idea! that can be added.

in general, speaking of break manipulations, I’m adding in grid support that will enable lots more manipulations of the break…


I think the start and stop may be in there, but a reset function isn’t, I don’t think? That was my main issue, is that even if I paused it, it was hard to sync things up.


Humble request for 64 grid compatiblity since you’re tackling grid support.

Amenbreak is a triumph as is, thank you for continuing to make awesome tools for the community.


v1.2.0 grid support + audio outputs

  • added grid!
  • added waveshaping (somewhat similar to ableton’s saturator) (PARAMS > AUDIO OUT > saturate wave folder)
  • added compress/expand curves (from Ezra’s Pirate radio code) (PARAMS >AUDIO OUT > compress|expand...)
  • added noise gate (PARAMS >AUDIO OUT > noise gate...)
  • better cpu usage for tape emulation
  • auto tape stops are optional (PARAMS > AUDIO OUT > tape auto)
  • fixed initializing clock (no more lag)

grid outline:


demo (the 8th row has some special stuff which I’m not quite done with):

turns out I had a bug where the clock wasn’t started until ~30 ms after pressing start. that should be fixed now and it should stay in sync!

totally 64 grid compatible! not sure about monobright, I think it will work…


This script just gets crazier and crazier and I’m here for all of it!


Gah, I had a lot of fun jamming with your undocumented prototype grid support, and this looks even better! Kudos for the consistent delight!

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this is the most fun I’ve add in WEEKS. Amazing stuff