Amulets // mophono // andy puls live in oakland tuesday 8/20

hey yall, i’m playing this incredible show tomorrow and would love to see any of you there. it honestly is an insane lineup. really looking forward to it.

live sets by

amulets ( ambient guitar, cassette loops )
andy puls ( ecstatic electronics )
mophono ( dusty experimental hiphop)
rose cherami ( ethereal ambient noise and beats )
k’in sventa ( myself, i make pretty hiphop and feral new age music )

cassette dj sets from asonic garcia
live visuals by flatspot


hey good luck, wish I could be there!
say hi to Amulets from me, I played with him in Portland recently; I tried to get him on lines, maybe you’ll succeed :smiley:

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Do you know what time you’re going on?

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oh awesome, il make sure to say whats up. yeah we gotta get him on here haha

im going on around 9. gonna try to go on 9 sharp but you know, punk rock time

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Cool. I’m gonna try to make it.


oh awesome ! would be so stoked to meet in person !

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I’m leaving town that afternoon, otherwise I’d make it out. any chance of a repeat in the future?

not sure when amulets will be back in Oakland but everyone else on that bill is pretty active. I’m actually playing with mophono again August 30th. Il keep y’all posted .