An interesting problem. Can you help?

I’ve been selling off Euro for a while, so I’m left with a very barebones system and I’m trying to build some semblance of a sequenced melody with no sequencer options (other than the sequencer mode on Frames, which I spent hours using today)

I have a 48hp skiff with:
Mutable Clouds | Mutable Frames | Pittsburgh Chain Reactor.

This combo is very nice for processing audio through the clouds, as I have four channels of keyframed chaotic modulation, plus some options.

Today I put together a system in my 208hp case consisting of some leftover modules, including a Pittsburgh Time Table. (The Time Table is a clock divider/binary counter) What I’m trying to do is patch any four gate outs into my Frames, then use the mix output to send v/Oct CV to an oscillator.

Here is the main question. What four voltages should I use to build something in the Western scale? Major or minor. My thought was that if I have ~0.83V per semitone, I can just have some multiples of that (obviously very roughly tuned) assigned to each channel of the Frames.

Just to clarify the routing. When the gate on channel n input goes high, channel n passes a voltage to the mix-out of the Frames. When n and n+1 are high together, those two voltages get added at the mix out. That mix out goes to a v/Oct input.

Final note. I’ll be doing some sort of video or writeup on what I find from this little experiement. Time Table and it’s modpack allows me to look into something akin to a super-compressible format for storing melodies using binary addressing!

Also, I’m going to be looking for a Teletype… for obvious reasons…