Analog rytm thoughts

Oh and the MKII also has two CV inputs that can be mapped to any parameter.

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Enjoy! All this talk about the AR makes me want to fire up mine for a session tonight. :bomb:

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I can’t comment on the Rytm but I have an A4 Mk 1 and I’m seriously considering upgrading to an Mk 2 for the individual outs, the improved workflow is worth the cost IMO.

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Curious on the details of this?
I haven’t found anything on this topic.

I feel like the rytm, a4, octa and digitakt all have this “sound” in common that doesn’t “sound good” to me. It’s just like digital sounding (I know it’s analog, so odd) and distorts this way that I can’t jive with, with digitakt being most acceptable and the rytm being most “cold” or something close to that adjective. So I now get my elektron sequencer needs from the op-z. It’s also got a “sound” but it’s one I can handle. It’s not a super positive review, but those are my analog rytm thoughts.


If you still happen to own any of these, I would recommend checking out some of the preset packs available from Elektron. They can open your mind to getting different sounds from the machines where noodling around yourself may end up a bit samey. (it did for me)

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I’ve had an AR MKII for over a year. Really enjoy the workflow, sounds are very flexible especially when you start to layer in samples with the analog sounds. Suits all of my percussion needs.

i just dug out my OT and RYTM last night.
i have to say…initially firing them up again after some time…i found i had to go back and re-learn a whole horde of things just to try and start creating some noiz.

for me…these boxes don’t have an easy and fluid work flow.
it’s like having to build the pool in order to go for a swim.

with other noiz machines like the Deluge and norns…i feel like i can just go for a swim.


Just got the AR Mkii and so far I like it quite a lot. After spending the last few weeks refreshing myself with my Octatrack, the AR is comparatively a breeze to learn. Also quickly figured out a way to clock CV using a Tom output into my DFAM, then sampling that back in is… :sunglasses:

Never thought I would be so glad with to have been through boot camp with the OT. But it literally feels like starting with calculus and then going back to multiplication.

Yeah i plan on using one of the outputs to go into a mutable ears which Will fire up a cascade of one hits on my Squid Salmple. Should be fun…

RYTM MK1 for me - all the Silver boxes and A4/RYTM/OT MK1’s are aesthetically much better in my eyes.

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Out of curiosity why not use the impulse machine (and I’m assuming youre talking cv gate less MKI)?

@Albit agreed. The beige is too polite. The last thing I want my AR to be is polite.

Im not sure What impulse machine is, so Maybe that would be a possibilty :smile:.

Im talking about triggering my euro with help from one of the outputs of the MKii

I was under the impression the impulse machine (one of the sound engines) was designed with controlling modular in mind (I use it to ping the filter). But I could be wrong that it’s strong enough…


I’ve had the Rytm mk1 and currently using A4 mk2. Obviously can’t make a comparison for all aspects, but the larger and clearer screen and angled case are such an ergonomic improvement. I got terrible neck and shoulder pain from hunching over to try to read that tiny screen on the mk1. I could imagine you get less reliant on the screen with experience, but while learning you are dependent on it. The new button are more pleasant to use in my opinion.

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I’ve had a rytm mk1 and an analog heat mk1. Sold them both. There is a distinctive “plasticy” quality to my ears on elektrons analog hardware which I do not really dig. Also had a whole lot of problems with the heat, just to name a few, input level was low no matter the connection (balanced or unbalanced), the noise level was extreme for me with a huge amount of hiss, the filter had no character, just an immense amount of ear piercing resonance.
On the rytm mk1 the sample import mess was a deal breaker for me. Generally I really like the aesthetics but the workflow wasn’t what I expected.

Looked it up in the manual and judging by the parameter it seems like you can effectively make the Rytm a 12 port cv/gate sequencer/ drum pad. Dang. That’s a really cool bonus!!


All the while taking full advantage of their latest sequencer. Good times.

Yep, for impulse machines you sometimes have to use overdrive in amp section depending on sensitivity of the target Eurorack module.

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Would someone be able to comment on using a Rytm as a sequencer for Eurorack using a midi to cv converter such as the Expert Sleepers FH-2, focusing on the Elektron sequencer possibilities ? I heard that the two Rytms got Midi out last year. I currently use an OP-Z for this purpose but have always been dreaming of an Elektron machine. How does the Rytm compare to eg a Digitakt it Octatrack in this regard? Thanks!