Analogue Solutions Impulse Command

Hello, been a long time reader of this forum but only recently made an account, here’s my first post.

I did a search for the Impulse Command and noticed there’s no thread about it. I’ve had it a few days and think it’s one of the more exciting analogue synths out there, the way it’s routed and its little CV sequencer make for comparisons with the DFAM but this is its own thing.

Stereo, percussive, melodic, strange soundscapes this thing creates. I made a little video overview for it, couldn’t find anything on YouTube that simply lays out its functions and how to use it. It’s not a sound design demo though, I’ll likely do that in another video.


Sounds Demo:


I have one and enjoy playing it. It was a real bear to figure out at first and I’m still trying to find the best outboard sequencer to get the most out of it’s percussive abilities.

IC owners, what’s your favorite tricks?