Its not so much about it being quantized. I actually prefer quantization to be turned off when I’m using norns mlr. Its more so its evenly chopped up. Lets say I have a drum loop loaded I would just want it to be chopped up evenly.

ah ok feel you, that’s a simple fix then. I think there are some 15’s I need to change to 16’s

edit: yea it was easy here’s a fix @Prnts

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i’m having my coffee/breakfast post run on off day routine (that i make efforts to slow down and enjoy) but i just feel myself in gravitational orbit to the …monome…


Can you use this with Push2 or a Launchpad?

there’s an old thread about that, I’d recommend searching around. this isn’t supported out of the box (yet?) but you might be able to get an emulation program to work.

i’m about to try the 64 version. i wonder does it have the same most recent update as the 128?

they both had the same issue and I believe I fixed them both - lemme know though

it’s definitely working atm. i don’t get led feedback so not sure if something is wrong there or if just not coded in.

thank you so much!!!

what do different behaviors do regarding menu for off/device/track?

it sounds wonderful. is completely immediate

making dreams come true here.

this is stolen form the gridlab devices, they’re settings for when you’re using multiple devices

  • off: this device is always shown on this grid
  • device: this device is only shown on this grid when the device is selected within the track
  • track: this device is only shown on this grid when the track is selected in ableton

this should work fine alongside anything in the terms package, gridlab package, or benjamin’s stuff. grainfileds just added support for this too.

speed & cut should light up and the rest of the controls should light up when they are on.

uhhh anyone know if the /level command is universally supported? was never clear on that. I’m getting lights on my walnut 64

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andrew this is amazing, the speeds work after recording!!!

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and here is a schatz iphone rec of full function proof and integration


raddddd. yea we know it’s working cause we hear all those key clicks

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is it possible i have done something wrong to disrupt the grid led feedback? ive noticed it happens with other apps but i don’t remember when/where.

what’s an app that does work? might take a looksie at the code

the party van is worth many many characters

sorry, within ableton max for live, an app that provides functional led feedback is terms press cafe. i’m on live 9.6.2 mac10.13.5

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cool, that would be an easy one to look at

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this .amxd is so musically useful for exploration. i pretty much need to make a rack anaphora>colloquial> alliterate (with three max lfos controlling)

any chance of led feedback function check?

that’s basically been my performance setup for the last few months. I’m working on something that’ll encapsulate all that functionality (+ more) into one device with more routing options


Anaphora + remix make great team :smile:
Question : does it have inner-looping 'cause it does not seems to work for me