...and it only took 30 years

elevator pitch: byte-sized chunks of heritage cassette demotapes, reduced to neo-molecular granules and simmered gently in layers of delicious digital jus, lovingly reassembled by hand into a themed yet diverse compilation of tasty audio treats for tired ears

people: Mandi, for voices, melodies and lyrics … Mike, for the lyrics and melodies to ‘Sister World’ … The entire community here at lines, particularly @InfiniteDigits & @cfd90 for #granchild and #twine, @tehn, @dan_derks, @JaggedNZ, @DoS, @tyleretters and a host of others

tech: then - guitars, keyboards, drum machines, samplers, tape recorders … now - Monome Norns Shield running #granchild and #twine scripts; Novation Launchpad Mini Mk3; Audacity on the ol’ laptop

cover art: adapted from original painting by Alex

oblique strategy of the day: the most important thing is the thing most easily forgotten


Congratulations! Will download when back from work.


excellent! loving what granular processes pulled out of these tapes! super rad project!


what a massive landmark!!! congratulations!!


Congrats! Thats great. Giving this a listen later today :slight_smile:


@Helen this is absolutely a joy to listen to. I’m on my third listen already. there is so much beauty in every song. I could listen to “barefoot (deep shadows)” on repeat. the instrumentation and vocals in your tapes are so good and the granulation adds some incredible movement and syncopation, e.g. in “sister world”. I also am awed by the textures you got, e.g. on “colours” it adds this incredible extra radiance to the guitars. I’m at a loss for words, I’m totally blown away.


Thanks for the thanks, folks, I really appreciate it. :raised_hands:

@infinitedigits I can’t tell you how happy (relieved?!) I am that you like it - must admit I was a little nervous about linking it here because, well, it wouldn’t have existed without your (and @cfd90’s) scripts, and I was worried I wouldn’t do justice to all your hard work… Again, thanks to you both for sharing these delights with the community! :green_heart:


this is awesome I’m enjoying it a lot so far. Great work!

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really enjoyed listening to this. I am also working a lot with granular processes lately, Granchild and Easygrain specifically, and this is not only a great listen but it’s cool to get to hear what feels like a parallel creation process.

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to me, this is exactly how nostalgic items should be handled when found – sat with, re-processed, turned into the ink to draw lines between selves.

i totally love the frozen moments, like around 3 mins in on barefoot at twilight (heart & soul), or the 4th minute of driven (retrofit). you found such a captivating pace throughout these tracks.

thank you for sharing them!!