Andand Indelible - Velloura - Debut single release

My debut single release as a solo artist, album coming on the 18th Nov.

Supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, everything is releasing for free, option to support me through bandcamp if you like…

Piano and vocal arrangements, experimental synthesis and neo-classical approaches to writing combine to blur the edges of genre definitions.

The music draws from experimental compositional techniques with modular synthesis alongside traditional acoustic instruments such as piano and voice. I adopted automatism to create a huge amount of improvised arrangements and recordings. Allowing my modular synth to auto-generate strangely structured and voiced bass-lines, melodies and drumbeats alongside improvised piano and vocal arrangements. I then curated and further arranged these foundations in an almost classical style of writing, adding and embellishing until I felt it was right.

The album’s lyrical themes are rooted in personal experience – reflections on a battle with a serious illness faced some years ago. This album is a response and coming to terms with that. It seems the ideal time to release this album as it has many similarities with the current global pandemic. Those feelings of isolation, alienation and frustration are all present alongside stubborn determination and hopefullness. It’s meant to be a full on in your face experience with some moments allowing a breath. I create music to help understand and cope with personal issues. I hope others can find similar solace in the work or simply to act as a catalyst for discussion.

Thanks for having a read / listen :wink:


absolutely love this. love piano+modular as a combo. your instrumentation is so fresh sounding and your vocals are wonderful. got a lot of thom yorke vibes here and I’m all for it.


Wow, thanks for the kind words :wink:
Piano & modular just seems to gel together really well to me, challenging to mix but in a good way!