Andrew in california in august

I’ll be heading in and out of LAX on 8/7 & 8/21 with a couple friends, and we’ll be in SF right there in the middle for sure - pretty open outside of that.

not a tour per-se, but I’d love to play some shows while I’m out if anyone has reqs for spaces or wants to do something together ! already got a special show in the books for LA thx to the lovely @matthewdavid : )

&& of course would * love * to meet up if you’re in the area

looking for tips on art museums, hiking zones, DIY spaces and the like. might go to the beach, who knows.

could also use some advice re: getting around/eating/sleeping on the cheaper side if anyone has it. the plan rn is to use a service like turo to rent a car (which might beat uber depending on parking costs), find good airbnbs for LA + SF, and possibly stay at free camping spots away from the city. anyone know good travel recipes?


Hit me up when you’re in the Bay Area. I can put together a small show. SF or Oakland. Lots a fun stuff to do around here too.


If I was ever visiting the SF/Oakland area, this would absolutely be on my list of must-visit destinations:

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As far as LA goes, this is one thing that has always been recommended and will probably be very Andrew-appreciated:


I live in Santa Barbara. It’s a smallish beach city 2 hrs north of Los Angeles. It’s a perfect stop between LA and SF. At least we could grab a cup of coffee and at most we could book a small show! Let me know if you’re interested.

bumping since I’m about a month out - gonna try to book a show in LA for the weekend of the 17th - if anyone in the area might be interested in hopping on the bill reach out !

yay la :slight_smile: definitely big ups to the museum of jurassic technology recommended above. it’s a staple, and you’ve got to go upstairs and hang out with the pigeons in the garden and get some tea ! other interesting alternative art spaces: the underground museum (not sure what they have up at the moment), and art & practice (really good experimental film and video from the la rebellion - and it’s in leimert park which is a great neighborhood with a top jamaican spot and my favorite bookstore Eso Won). I could go on forever this city is the best, definitely the beach, im happy to give food recs based on your taste and what parts of town you’ll be in ~ :stuck_out_tongue:


my l.a. recommendation is mount wilson.

lots of great hikes and views not to mention the observatory. they are doing chamber music concerts in the big telescope as well, though not certain of the schedule. sunsets are amazing…

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ooo nice - so far I’ve got big basin, big sur, los padres, san bernadino and joshua tree as potential outdoor stops along the road !!

so far like echo park, chinatown, and downtown vaguely planned. also kind of don’t know what parts of town to check out !

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if you go to joshua tree i recommend the Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum, and Pappy and Harriet’s is a great desert spot out that direction too (it’s a restaurant but they have shows and some times biggish names will randomly come thru there). it’ll be hot out there so bring water and sunscreen! :stuck_out_tongue:

food imo is the best thing abt LA so I’ll try not to overload you too much lol but here’s some areas and places that are top of mind to me:

  • Thai food is spread all over LA, but the best places are in thai town (not far from the area you have vaguely planned). Jitlada would be my top rec. Night Market is also a good place it’s definitely more trendy but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, super cute decor and it’s also near echo park (i think there’s location is in silverlake)
  • Korean food go to koreatown, bud namu is a good spot for affordable all you can eat korean bbq, beverly tofu or bcd are good for soondobu (tofu stew, but it might be a bit hot for that). but if you go to korea town you’ll find good food, it wont fail you. also korean spas if you’re into that sort of thing is kind of unique to LA (outside of korea obviously)
  • oaxacan food: guelaguetza. this place has live music every day and night it’s so amazing. there’s one more traditional band with these big xylophones that I think play week nights and weekend days, and then more of a mexican pop covers band that does weekend nights (but the bands have changed before so don’t quote me on that) anyways they’re both great and it’s the best mole i’ve ever had and if you drink it’s -the spot- to drink mezcal. also it’s great for a boozy brunch :stuck_out_tongue:
  • mexican food in general, of course. recently my fave has been leo’s on venice and la brea - it’s a truck in a gas station parking lot on the corner dunno the hours but definitely a nighttime thing - that’s prolly the best al pastor i’ve ever had, very mexico city style with the pineapple.
  • chinese food - go to the san gabriel valley, there’s a couple places left in chinatown but every time i go down there there’s more and more people with beards eating hot chicken… in the san gabriel valley you can’t go wrong, but places are kinda spread out so requires some detective work on yelp. i could try to recommend places but honestly i’d have an easier time giving you directions than trying to remember the names. if it’s hot and you need refreshment salju is my favorite taiwanese shaved ice spot, and there’s boba places over there too (but there’s boba places all over)
  • japanese food. little tokyo has a lot of good places. aloha cafe is great for a hawaiian brunch, and there’s ramen places, the geffen (a branch of MOCA which often has more interesting shows than MOCA imo), and all sorts of shops and stuff to wander around in.
  • there is also what is colloquially known as little osaka (i think the city calls that neighborhood “japanese sawtelle”) on the west side. Hide sushi is one of my favorite sushi spots that’s affordable, but i’ve heard sushi stop is also good. tsujita is great and you can get tsukamen which you don’t see as much in the US - it’s a type of ramen where the noodles come separate and you dip them, very very rich and tasty. there’s other good korean and japanese places along that street too, and boba of course. it’s further west so probably less convenient than little tokyo, but it’s more my haunt than little tokyo, both have lots of good options but little tokyo is definitely bigger.
  • on pico there’s a place called la cevicheria that’s this wonderful guatemalan couple’s little restaurant and it’s the best ceviche in LA and some of the best fish tacos too (hesitant to give it the out and out winner because there’s a lot of competition). not far from the underground museum so definitely worth a stop if you’re around (closed on mondays tho lol)

okay now that i see it all out like that, i realize i look like a crazy person… i just saw someone talkin shit about los angeles on another corner of the internet and this is my way of arguing against that XP


wow ok incredible info much appreciated

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for what it is worth, i love la too :slight_smile:


Re: camping in/outside LA. How far are you willing to travel outside LA while you are here? There are first-come first-serve sites in Angeles Forest that are about 45-60 minutes away from Northeast LA. Check out Chilao(nicer) or Henninger Flats (closer).

There are also beautiful spots on the west side in Malibu (Leo Carillo) or Point Mugu, but they do book up, especially on the weekends but these can be 1.5 hours or so from things you might want to do in the city. Some of them have hike and bike campsites, fwiw.

A few more independent art spaces:
Human Resources
Commonwealth and Council
And/Or Gallery
The Hammer usually has something good and is free.

Places with good booking/music:
the wulf

Many people find it a little grating, but the app “5 every day” can give you some hints about things that are going on while you are here.


was planning on using reserve california for camping spots ? I’m assuming it covers all state parks ? also conveniently not planning to camp on any weekends. also seems like a good resource.

I’m taking the one btw LA & SF and planning to mostly hit sites along there rather than going directly from LA.

I’ve heard of coaxial & was planning to reach out but I’ll check out the other two, thanks!

Yeah, reserveca is what I’ve used.
Just realized that you’re mostly looking for places between LA and SF. Sorry!

In terms of places between LA and SF, the environmental sites at Montana de Oro are particularly dope and often available. They are a very short hike in but then you’re right on a cliff above tidepools.

It can take a bunch of research but there are a lot of great non-reservable sites, too. So, if you are striking out on reservations, it may be worth digging around to find those spots. Especially if you are going up during the week, you may find some really nice spots. Big Sur, for instance is almost assuredly totally booked by now in terms of what is reservable.

just got back from my trip ! gotta give some shouts to this thread -->

@kin.sventa came through and put together an incredible show at honey hive in SF. we camped a night at Montana de Oro curtesy of @rstn (I even made some field recordings there that I used in my LA show the next day so thx for that!) and I had some dank food at Jitlada and Beverly Tofu from @renegog’s impeccable list though literally I wish I could’ve gone to every place they all sound so good

anyway partner & I are prob moving to LA next year now so hopefully more of everything soon :^)


that was really fun. so glad i got to see you live.really amazing live set. ive been using your devices like crazy since!


I honestly don’t know how good it was because I failed to record all three of the sets I played on tour :expressionless: