Andrew in california in august

I’ll be heading in and out of LAX on 8/7 & 8/21 with a couple friends, and we’ll be in SF right there in the middle for sure - pretty open outside of that.

not a tour per-se, but I’d love to play some shows while I’m out if anyone has reqs for spaces or wants to do something together ! already got a special show in the books for LA thx to the lovely @matthewdavid : )

&& of course would * love * to meet up if you’re in the area

looking for tips on art museums, hiking zones, DIY spaces and the like. might go to the beach, who knows.

could also use some advice re: getting around/eating/sleeping on the cheaper side if anyone has it. the plan rn is to use a service like turo to rent a car (which might beat uber depending on parking costs), find good airbnbs for LA + SF, and possibly stay at free camping spots away from the city. anyone know good travel recipes?


Hit me up when you’re in the Bay Area. I can put together a small show. SF or Oakland. Lots a fun stuff to do around here too.


If I was ever visiting the SF/Oakland area, this would absolutely be on my list of must-visit destinations:

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As far as LA goes, this is one thing that has always been recommended and will probably be very Andrew-appreciated:

I live in Santa Barbara. It’s a smallish beach city 2 hrs north of Los Angeles. It’s a perfect stop between LA and SF. At least we could grab a cup of coffee and at most we could book a small show! Let me know if you’re interested.