Android and Monome?

Has anyone successfully married the android os with monome?

I am without a laptop and a desktop and frankly unsure I want one in this day and age where my phone and tablet pretty much does everything. I got tired of working around apple’s constant constant constant constraints and Linux and Android seem to do it all for me. even Supercollider works well on a Eurorack RPI these days…

Hoping Rather than pushing…

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i see there is a java d2ee driver for android-- i’m not exactly sure the implications there but porting serialosc directly would be an undertaking. parsing individual messages really isn’t difficult, however, so a minimal workflow would be an interesting project.

how well does supercollider work on android?

Not yet tried android/supercollider the RPI runs various Linuxes and various (older) supercollider builds come with various distros however I was using the IxI interface layer with macos but that is not going to be an option with RPI or android until they break the cocoa dependencies. It’s all a bit messy trying to be platform agnostic.

The eurorack pi breakout is via mxmxmx’s rpio project which provides cv attachable breakout and io via GPIO and a decent dac but that is standard wheezy raspbian with raspbian’s order supercollider build. I feel Android has much potential but it may be another dead end… I am so close to not needing a laptop, but where it is needed it is critical and that is a shame.

I’ve messed around with pd on android, back when I was using android, and it seemed to work pretty well, but swapped to a macbook before I got anything going. The latest Gridstudies stuff has a lot of info on pd for monome, but I didn’t get that far.

libpd seems to work real well on android.

i spent <30min messing with it but could load an arbitrary patch and control it from android activity w/ no problems.

so the question is how easy to make virtual COM port appear on android. i haven’t done any host mode stuff, but here is low level host mode API:

maybe (probably) there is already a library somewhere to give you an easy serial interface on top of that.

UPDATE: here’s a sample Activity for serial USB using the low-level host API, and standard perimissions management from android OS. it looks simple enough… but i haven’t tried running it, and the code is old (2011)
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then on top of that it’s the usual monome protocol parsing as in libmonome/aleph/etc

UPDATE 2: i think this is the sample project i used to build with libpd under android studio:
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