Angler 0.0.1


Scale-shuffling quantizer

Generates streams of voltages quantized to an iteratively shuffling chord.


Crow 2.0.0


Input 1: Input V/octave to quantize
Output 1: Quantized V/octave output
Output 2: Pulse output (triggered on each new note)

Every time a voltage corresponding to a new note is received. it will send voltage quantized to the current chord out of output 1 and a pulse (with default parameters) out of output 2. After a certain number of changing notes or octaves, the chord will have a note either added or removed. Notes added will come from notes still in the scale.

The chord is initialized to a Major-Minor-Seventh chord (0-4-7-10), roughly corresponding to the harmonic series.

The output octave will occasionally jump.


  • Add “drama” control to second input to influence change rate and intensity
  • Add second CV/trig output


v0.0.1 -