Animal / creatures analog electronic circuits

Lately I have been interested in analog circuits that can produce/ can imitate in a way animal/ creatures, nature sounds.
the solar sounder series by Ciat Lonbarde is one example and another example is Forrest Mims chirp generator.
The idea is to create multiple circuits like above so all need to be low on parts and not so much complicated.

I was wondering if someone have some schematics to share?


Not a usable schematic but this Felix Hess essay includes a signal flow chart and description of his Electronic Sound Creatures.

In this talk he demostrates a couple of the creatures around the 12 minute mark.


Very relevant to this thread wonderful electronic/PCB art -

A lot of Paul Granjon’s work (a major early electronics influence of mine) probably falls into this catagory too - Paul Granjon - zprod


Daniel Fishkin’s elaborations on PB’s solar sounder ideas might be of interest here!