ANMA - Cycles 3.0 (Syncopathic.Recordings)

Good morning!

Since the last two parts of my no input mixing series (Cycles) were received quite well here, i thought i am going to inform you about the release of part three aswell!

“Cycles 3.0” are eight improvised “No Input Mixing” pieces. Each track emphasizes on a different effect.
Recorded live in Innsbruck, Austria, January 2022.

The whole album was recorded live, no cuts, no overdubs. Afterwards the recordings were carefully polished to prevent your ears from bleeding - which is in fact the hardest part of the whole story! Most of you might know that no input mixing is hardly predictable / controllable and therefor a tremendous amount of equing is necessary to tame extreme frequencies.

#nooverdubs #dontbelievethehype #endofproof #howtodestroyyourequipment #noise #noeasylistening


a little visual presentation of one of my latest no input mixing sessions that is the above mentioned release…
how long can you look at it? :clown_face: