ANMA, Fre4knc, Double 0 // Kick 'em All // Syncopathic.Recordings

i’d like to present you a new project of mine. it is a 4 track ep and 2 remixes.
i used to make drumandbass in the past under the name sub, nowadays i am doing more experimental stuff as anma. the idea behind the whole project was to connect the old and the new. so i did these four tracks which are essentially abstractions of what i did in the past as sub. drumandbass-, dubstepaesthetic with a minimalist, halftime and experimental mindset. all tracks are based on modular life jams with some details and extras added afterwards.
to close the circle i asked two of my companions from the past to do remixes of the tracks… fre4knc and double 0, both drumandbass artists acting on different ends of the spectrum of the genre.

thank you!

ANMA, Fre4knc, Double 0 - Kick ’em All & Remixes (Syncopathic.Recordings) // 16.10.2020 // Vinyl & Digital

„KICK 'EM ALL" is ANMA’s take on the sound of his alter ego Sub. An abstraction of Drum&Bass and its related styles.
The “KICK 'EM ALL” release comes with a set of remixes by two of ANMA/Sub’s long time companions Fre4knc and Double 0, both absolute masters in their field that need no introduction.

SYNCO046 Kick ’em All
1 ANMA – Kick ’em All
2 ANMA – 60 Hz Stomp
3 ANMA – Witchdrum
4 ANMA – Diode Chatter

SYNCO047 Kick ’em All Remixes
1 ANMA – Kick ’em All (Fre4knc Remix)
2 ANMA – Witchdrum (Double 0 Remix)


I was just talking about futurism and hautology in another thread. Whenever I head music that destructures drum and bass and dubstep I’m like: this is like futurist music of 2020. Though maybe what has changed, is that it’s about a future that is like next month, not years ahead. Also it usually does not feel like a nice future.
I don’t know if this was your intention, but to me your music feels like a picture of a cold and dark future, which is just round the corner. For some reason I’m always drawn toward this kind of sound.

hey papernoise… thanks for your message! i guess you are right, the future is already past when i have completed writing this sentence… i didnt make this sound dark on purpose, it just happened that way… maybe this has something to do with the state of the world as it is right now… in any case, i like dark soundscapes… :sunglasses:

the whole kick em all project is now also available for streaming… in case… :sunglasses:

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