ANMA - Ossarium (Syncopathic.Recordings)

good morning!

once again i would like to introduce a new release of mine.
it is called “ossarium” bec it sounds like grinding bones to me.
the first three tracks featured on this release are based on modular synth live improvisations with some editing and polishing after the recording was done. the fourth track was done 100% live (no editing) on a moog subsequent through a spring reverb.
the focus on this release, as you can clearly hear, lies on exploring different kinds of distortion.

hope you enjoy it!

„Ossarium“ is all about distortion.
Recorded (mostly) live in Innsbruck, Austria 2020.

#distortion #bassdrum #dont-believe-the-hype #end-of-proof #analog #modular-synthesizer

released November 26, 2021


some moving pictures to “hound” from the ep above… :point_down:

as mentioned above, hound was recorded live. It is nothing but some looping envelopes from a moog subsequent through a erica synths spring reverb. no overdubs.

cool! i like your aesthetics!

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to whom it may concern…
ossarium is now available for streaming.