ANMA - Toroid Deconstruction (Syncopathic.Recordings)

i would like to present you a new release of mine… it could be interesting for some ppl here! thanks…

ANMA // Toroid Deconstruction (Syncopathic.Recordings)

Out now and available from the Syncopathic Bandcamp Store as well as all other major digital outlets (Beatport, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.).

„Toroid Deconstruction“ is seventeen minutes of dirty, analog electronics ranging from 77 to 178 bpm.
An endlessly rotating toroid that deconstructs slowly over time to finally dissolve in a fog of total chaos in 7/8 time.




Apple Music:


The concept sounds very intriguing. Reminds me of Autechre’s Gantz Graf, at least on paper. Will go listen to it now. Thanks!

The description says “analog electronics”. Would you care to give some insight in your process or what instruments you used to make this album? I always find intriguing to learn a bit more how an album was realized, especially as I listen to it.

awesome. very “big” sounds. i like it

thanks a lot for your interest! the whole ep is pretty much exclusively made on a modular synth…
the core of “toroid” is a droning noise engineering oscillator being heavily modulated… that is the main “beat”… the ambient stuff towards the end are manipulated field recordings i made… everything rhythmic in “ripples” comes from 3 different filters being fed with trigger voltages… “corrosion” is made with hexinverter drum modules and dfam as the melodyvoice… and the drummer is again hexinverter drums through an erica synths fx processor being heavily modulated…

i try to work as much outside the computer as possible bec i find it much more inspiring… i think the only sounds out of the computer is the polyphone pad in the first track… also on a modular you can hardly do the same sound twice which is something i really like! it is more or less an unreproducable picture of the moment…


did you master it, or had it mastered?

all syncopathic releases are mastered by bob macc at subvert central mastering…

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alright I really like that sound. good job, i’ll go check out their other releases.

thanks… :sunglasses::+1: