anoikis nomads - mindfulness, my first album out on bandcamp (generative, drone music)

I’m happy to finally have released my very first album on bandcamp.

It took a while to get done, in the end the work around the music probably consumed more time than the music making itself. So far it is available exclusively on bandcamp, as I still have to figure out the whole distributor thing for other platforms.

I’m notoriously bad at music genres but I guess this one qualifies as dark generative drone music.

Special thanks to @tyleretters and @infinitedigits for their work in the Norns ecosystem, I doubt I would have delved very deep into the possibilities of the platform without both your scripts.

Mindfulness came to be during the last weeks of the life of my father-in-law. This album is my attempt to express the emotions that me and my partner went through, scrambling to get flights during the global pandemic and the futile attempt to gain control over an inherently volatile situation in a country that isn’t our own anymore.

Being thousands of kilometers away from the situation and largely helpless while my partner worked miracles within what was possible was emotionally the hardest situation I’ve been in. By the time I was able to follow, all we could do was pick up the broken pieces, close one chapter and start a new one.

During all this, we’ve both grown as people, as adults and humans. Our bond has become even tighter. There’s always a positive to anything.

This album isn’t meant to be pleasing, or nice. It is trying to express the utter turmoil caused by lives kicked out of balance.

Mindfulness was produced and recorded with a minimal setup consisting largely of Monome Norns and various scripts from the community, a multi effects pedal, my phone and the Korg NTS-1 for additional effects.

All music and associated graphical artwork on this album is (c) 2022 Anoikis Nomads.


congratulations on your release!! and your first one too! that is a huge accomplishment.

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Thanks man. If only the mixing and (what passes here as) mastering would be as much fun as the bleeping and blooping… :slight_smile:

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