ANOTHER Old Camera Sample Pack

I was going to necrobump the post from the first sample pack I released, but it was on the old forum, so alas I cannot!

Around 6 months ago I recorded the mechanical clicks and whirs of 4 old film cameras to use in my music, and uploaded the sounds to share freely with other artists. The sample pack spread across the internet and in the last few months I’ve received loads of encouraging emails from musicians, app designers, and film makers who have used the sounds in their work.

Because of the obsessive collector that I am, this first video didn’t scratch the surface of my film camera collection, and there were a few beautiful sounding cameras that I hadn’t recorded, hence this second collection.

Does the world need these samples? No. A bit of an overkill? Definitely. But kinda fun? Oh, yes.

As with the first collection, these sounds are both free, and royalty free. If you use them in anything fun, send me a copy via my website:

Download link: Stream Simeon F G Smith | Listen to More Cameras - Sample Pack playlist online for free on SoundCloud

Oh and you guys are my fam - please share with your producer buddies!


Is there a way to download the pack altogether as a single zip file? Love those Zorki’s you’ve got!

No, but feel free to share them as a zip if you fancy.


Here’s a zip archive with all of the sounds:


I was just about to upload a zip file of it all, but you got there first :smiley:

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Thanks guys :smiley:

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Thanks for making them!

Self-indulgent bump because I just got featured on Synthtopia:



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awesome promo video. thx.

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Just re-found these sounds buried deep in a pocket of folders. Bumping to thank you again @Simeon and so others that might have missed this can enjoy them as well. These are going to be great inside norns!

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Thanks for the bump, this looks great :slight_smile:

Dropbox can’t find the file, cold you check the link?


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I’ve put them up here:


These are really cool. Going to have a play with them!