Ansible 1.0


tt extension implemented. requires ansible and tt firmware updates.

also new for kria (these are fun things, on the config view):

  • note sync
  • loop sync
  • minor bugfixes

ansible now has a public github:

ansible is open source.


Awesome! Downloading Ansible 1.0 right now. I can’t find the Teletype 1.2 release download, but see that the commit is there.

thanks for the heads up. uploading now!

Is there a way to tell what firmware is running on tt?

I am curious i am going to wait for a non-intermediary update as i think i am counting on the default scenes for a while as i learn but i am curious if theres a way to see what’s loaded



Yes!!! So excited for this. Looking forward to uploading tonight! When app teletype control comes it’s going to be a non-stop party!

So this is still an avr32 module? I thought there was some talk of it running Linux

avr32, it uses libavr32 like the trilogy modules:

That’s what I figured based on the source code. So what happened to the Linux thing?

i don’t think it has been announced yet.

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Getting some weird results with the teletype. I was just testing things and I sent tr.pulse 5 follewed by tr.pulse 6 up to 8 in one script and neither 6 nor 8 light up or send a pulse. If I erase line by line nothing changes. With a tr.pulse for just 5 and 6 only five will trigger but if I swap positions in the script with 6 first it will trigger. Individual commands with trigger but not multiple. Can anyone test to confirm?

hmmm…i tried to update Ansible and Teletype and it appears I have deleted the existing systems, but not updated. Any advice?

I have successfully run updates in the past…

what does the terminal output say?

Nothing! But…I went back to 1.12 and successfully installed that back. Should I try running 1.2 again?

I seem to have downloaded a more ‘source code’ looking version of the system. The link I just downloaded only had two files: Teletype hex and the update firmware file. The previous downloads had a dozen files or more and the update firmware file was in a folder.

I now updated Teletype successfully to 1.2

I’ll see if I can find a different link to the Ansible updater.


Yep, I’m back in business! All good, I was downloading the source code or something. Sorry for the fire drill, B.

Guess I spoke too soon. Teletype is good with 1.2

But Ansible. Mac says ‘process complete’, but the module isn’t responsive. When I reboot. I get some lights flashing, but plugging a grid or arc in doesn’t do anything. Switching modes does nothing either.

Is there a link to the previous firmware?

Re-booted, and the module responded to Levels as expected for about :30, then froze up. Another reboot isn’t bring it back. :thinking:

okay. more weirdness
this script doesn’t get any response from the cv output.
tr.pulse 5
cv 5 n rand 24
but this works
cv 5 n rand 24
tr.pulse 5

this crashes the system. teletype frozen
tr.pulse 5
cv 5 n rand 24
del 500 : tr.pulse 6

adding del command crashes it every time.

more weirdness
i can only get one of the above scripts to work at a time on a pair of outputs. On a new script i can start with cv and trigger 6 and it works. going to a different trigger input channel will fire the trigger but not the cv for any other channel.

but…If i save the script and power off and then on it works…

@dudadius you need to power-cycle the module after flashing the firmware to re-enable grid/arc usb. on a fresh module flashing there is a several second delay while preset defaults are self-flashed.

@michael_matos there must be some issue with processing order. i’ll investigate.