Ansible 1.0

I noticed that Ansible stops responding when I switch between it (with Kria running) and the Meadowphysics module using the switch module. It stops playing then and the grid stays dark. Often it starts playing again after a few moments, but sometimes I have to shut the whole case down.

Also I just I pressed the preset button and it just stops playing without showing the preset page. Another press did start it again and another press got me on the preset page.

What do you mean by “no voltage”? 0V? Normally sequencers hold the voltage until the next step.

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Yes, and normally sequencers connect the gate and the voltage per step and all parameters and tracks are running with the same tempo - I am only aware of one other sequencer that keeps the voltage held over inactive steps until the next active trigger (Verbos Multistage) and it is a pretty nice feature. I just understood the manual in a way that it would apart from that go down to 0 V again on steps without a trigger,

and inquired if this was intended or a bug or could be adjusted as the connection between gates and voltages can be overridden too on this sequencer.

If it is to understand as “A voltage change will only occur when a trigger is set, otherwise the previous voltage is held” it would be okay too and nice to know. Having the CV only occur when a trigger is set would be nice too.

So while it practically would make no difference I don’t mean 0V but rather “no voltage information”.

So what do you mean, precisely, by no voltage information???

It seems you’ve worked this out, so I’m not trying to overstate, but it might be clearer to say

“the note value is only updated when a trigger is set”

Whatever voltage was assigned on the last trigger event is held until the next trigger so it seems you are experiencing normal behavior.

My guess is the initial distinction was to clarify that while you can see the playhead in kria moving over a sequence of notes, if you fed your oscillator or sound source directly to an audio output instead of gating it, you would not hear all the intermediate steps between triggers, as you might on other sequencers, and instead the note will only update on the triggers.

If you were looking to clamp the value of your CV back to a base value (0v or otherwise) after each trigger, pairing ansible and teletype might be logical way to accomplish this. On a trigger could have TT read the CV value, and then after a delay reduce to a designated base note. But I don’t think there’s really a “no voltage information” state of CV to jump to after a trigger has occurred

As I said, practically it would be 0V and what I theoretically expected was that when a trigger occurs ansible reads all parameters (CV, duration, octave) and then outputs the voltage for the duration of the step and cuts it down to no voltage when the step is over until the next step occurs.

I don’t see why you’d want to do that, but hey, it’s open source :slight_smile:

Multi the trigger out to a VCA and route the v/oct CV through the VCA to the OSC, would also ensure 0V.

Perhaps to make it more clear, it occurred to me when I tried to modulate a non pitch parameter on an oscillator. When working with pitch holding the CV is great as you won’t have ghost notes then with envelopes that have a longer release (and mandatory on a phase thing as Kria). And "no voltage makes not really much sense with pitch cause there will still be the oscillators pitch and mostly not “no pitch”.

What I tried was modulating a tone parameter just on some single steps and that did not work as the modulation amount stayed constant. I will find another way now for sure.

In general I like the new Kria! While loosing the obscure clock divisions it seems to be far more immediate now. Thinly thing I miss a bit is the scale sequencer but you can’t have everything. If I could hack it I would sacrifice the probability page for it but I can see that this is interesting for the original whit whale people and I think it has become a pretty nice combination of its straight forward sequencing and krias has magick.


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@GoneCaving’s solve sounds right up your alley, you’ll just need a spare vca. Would probably also be fun to run the mult’d trigger signal through a slew generator or treat the trigger w/ an envelope before running to the vca

Yes, sounds good - thanks! And the idea with the slew/envelope is pretty nice too, it sounded a bit too stepped anyway. :slight_smile:

Having the voltage go to 0V after a step is over is often undesirable. Consider if you have an envelope with a long release time. If the voltage dropped to 0 after the step, the pitch of your oscillator would drop during the release phase. This is one reason why most sequencers keep the CV the same until the next step that changes it.

While I know of only one sequencer that holds the voltage untill the next active step I see that my idea was not well thought through for this reason too now. I solved it for now with another trigger setting the voltag back to zero on the next step but the vca/envelope/slew patch might be more elegant. This is a strange day!

Is the USB save/load functionality already implemented? Doing the 1.3 upgrade on Ansible and going back to 1.2.2 because it does not work killed some nice Kria presets which was a bit frustrating. Would be nice to prevent this on the next trial…

curious, what in 1.3 isn’t working for you that did before?

(I know it sucks, been there… but to be fair, there is a warning on the release page)

I have been a lot on Cycles over the last weeks. It has stepped voltages now which does not work for me.

I am sorry If my formulation was ambiguous, I am not complaining about losing presets when upgrading - I was asking if there already is an opportunity to save to USB before upgrading just in case an upgrade is buggy and you have to go back. I waited a few days and there was much happyness in the feedbacks on the 1.3 thread so I thought it would be relatively safe.

ah good to know… didn’t have the time to install the new release yet, which is a shame…

Yep,I would not recommend the new release at this point - there are some more flaws mentioned here:

and here:


well, bugs in new features are not unusual in general. it sounded though like old functionality did suffer…

I’m sure he will figure it out soon… been a lot on the plate recently! which is totally exciting…

I’d love to still have your confidence - mentioned the skipped teletype remote commands in may for the first time: