Ansible 1.1

1.1 already.

  • new feature arc / cycles - range (attenuation) per ring. push key 1 while in config mode (holding key 2)
  • various tt/ii bugfixes (must update both tt and ansible)

Range ! That was quick ! Thanks !

Am i right that there was a bug with the notes not saved in presets for Levels ?
Has it been fixed ?

it has been fixed, yes.

yes and thanks for that ! any chance to more presets in a futur update ? like 16 ?

Thanks ! Need to find a A-A USB Cable where I am this week. Congrats for an amazing module !

Ansible ships with an A-A cable-- did you not get one?

I did ! But I am travelling…

This is great news on the attenuation. Are TT commands for the Ansible (example: next pattern) on the horizon?

Bumping this to make sure people take note and do their updates. RANGE is such a killer feature. A real game-changer for small systems with no dedicated attenuators.

Cheers and thanks @tehn!

Can’t seem to access the github page linked in the first post…?

Big DDoS taking out large parts of the internet today. Switching to OpenDNS clears up the route to github for me.

yup, must be.
it’s just dead-in-the-water…

and i was going to do the weekend of updates!

As it’s a DNS outage, GitHub is still working in the UK at the moment, so… (79.4 KB) (69.5 KB)

so nice of you.