Ansible 1.4.1 update problem (FIXED)

EDIT: This problem is fixed. I redownloaded the file and worked first go. Thanks again

Apologies if this is a basic issue as I’m new to the software side of things and not proficient on mac. I have searched similar issues but haven’t found a resolution…
Firstly, I have installed home-brew and du programmer successfully. Following the instructions on the monome site i first get this error

Checking memory from 0x2000 to 0x3FFFF… Empty.
Chip already blank, to force erase use --force.
Error opening ansible.hex
See --debug=51 or greater for more information.

[Process completed]

And then i get the device not detected error until i do a power cycle.
I should mention that the first attempt gave me an error slightly different from the one above - some flash was erased and then the above error followed (i think, I didn’t take note).
Also I can’t get out of the update mode (assume this is normal?)

Any help appreciated. If this has been addressed elsewhere please direct me to the thread.