Ansible 1.5.0

patch notes: grid into ansible running kria with new meta-pattern mode, driving two mangroves. arc into another ansible running cycles, modulating timbres and self-resetting. tied together with isms gates and spring reverb. no post-processing.

numerous new features and fixes!

  • new (cycles) pulse division setting per ring
  • new (kria) meta pattern mode
  • new (kria) cue clock and cued pattern changes
  • fix (kria) tune probabilities
  • fix (kria) lengthen hold time for pattern save
  • fix (mp) inter-row sync now time-aligned

until we get the docs fully updated, see below:

cycles pulse division

  • while holding key 2, press key 1 to see output range, press key 1 again to see pulse divisions
  • turn the corresponding ring to change division from 1 (default), 2, 4, 8 pulses per revolution

kria cue clock and patterns

  • go into pattern mode (bottom right-most key)
  • row 2 now shows cue clock. push a key in this row to set the number of steps for the clock.
  • a cued pattern is activated on a reset of the cue clock (when it returns to zero) so this clock sets the cue time sets the global “quantize”
  • while in pattern mode, hold the TIME modifier key (middle key of the modifier section on the bottom row) to change the time division for the cue clock (push a key in the second row). this way you can get very long cue clock quantization.
  • to actually cue a pattern, hold PATTERN while pushing the next pattern to play. the top row will indicate that a next pattern is cued.

kria meta patterns

  • have patience, this is a lot to explain without a diagram.
  • activate meta-pattern mode by holding PATTERN (bottom right) and pressing any key in row 7 (the row above the bottom row) which we will call the META-STEP row.
  • with META activated, you’ll see the pattern bank along with the META-STEP row which shows playback progress.
  • the pattern bank has 64 slots, which occupy the center four rows (64 positions). touch any position to edit this slot. edit position is indicated with max brightness. now when you change the pattern on the top row, you’re assigning that pattern to the edit slot. likewise, when you press a key in the META-STEP row, this sets how many steps of the cue-clock this pattern will stay active before moving the the next pattern.
  • so you edit the meta-pattern bank my moving your selection point around and changing the assigned pattern and meta-step length.
  • hold the LOOP modifier (leftmost of the three modifiers on the bottom row) and use the usual two-touch gesture to assign the meta-pattern loop area. this can wrap around the end. like before, you can push the same position twice to create a single-slot loop.
  • hold PATTERN (cue) and a slot position within the meta loop to set that position as the next cued playback pattern.
  • to turn OFF meta-mode, simply hold PATTERN and push the META-STEP row anywhere.

while META is activated, editing your pattern data gets wild because the data view will be shifting constantly when new patterns are loaded. please consider this a feature!

please report any problems here and i hope to get a quick demo video together soon.


Thanks, @tehn. This sounds amazing, and I can’t wait to try it out. If I have enough time, I may even try to use some of these features in my performance this weekend.

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same ^^^ :grapes::green_apple::tangerine:



wow exciting i can’t wait to try this out

this release also includes support for 2 new remote commands - LV.CV and CY.CV. when ansible is running Levels or Cycles you can use these commands to get the voltage at the specified output. used in metro script this allows you to use arc as a controller for teletype scripts.

you could also combine it with other remotes to do something like creating a script that would copy patterns from Levels to teletype.

this requires the latest teletype code - until @sam’s v2 is ready you can use the previous version with Telex support. @tehn - should i update the release notes? or would you rather wait until there is a corresponding official tt release?


Nice, I wished for tjis feature everytime I plugged Cycles out to teletype in. :grinning:

The other great goody is pulse devision for Cycles - finally I have my wheels of fortune!

Lookimg forward to get familiar with the Meta Pattern over the weekend now…

Awesome update. Kria cue and meta patterns working fine for me. Intuitive and quick to get your head around. Great work. MP fix much appreciated also.

By Kria ’ lengthen hold time for pattern save’ do you mean preset save?

very cool! i was using CY.POS and SCALE to do the same thing, but this is much more direct. thanks :slight_smile:

new video on the top post ^^


whoah that vid is dope.

I tried to watch this during a yogurt break at work and I had to put the spoon down immediately. I haven’t involuntarily held my breath while staring at something in a long time. That was wild, thank you.


This is great! Super excited to try the new Kria meta patterns. Also once again, 2 Mangroves sounding awesome!

amazing music, can’t wait tor try the new firmware. thank you.

I’ve just bought an ER301 and wanted to pair it with an arc&ansible pair at some point I may have to jump on this

how easy it is to update the firmware?

Updating the firmware is no sweat at all.

I’m traveling and don’t have that cute usb A-A cable with me. Sads.

Super excited for the release though! Thank you.

Just installed the new firmware and while the Meta Pattern seems to crack my head it is great and allows the most weird transitions and chains, esp. with odd cue clock settings - I think I love this when I start breathing again…it was worth the patience. Thanks for developing this!

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Great update! When will the new Kria on Ansible be ported to Kria on WW?

I would not expect this to happen. Kria on White Wale has 2 tracks instead of four on Ansible since it is a very different physical module. Plus White Wale is discontinued.

Therefore it has scale and transpose sequencing (both of which I would love to see on Ansible though…:wink:)