Ansible 1.5.0

I think I’ve made a sad discovery…so I use the DTFU terminal commands to grab presets off of my Ansible. I updated to 1.5, then restored my preset file to the module. The module is back at it’s previous version!

I redid the process, this time checking after 1.5 update. It was successfully updated. Restored my preset file and now I was back to the older operating version.

So…when the DTFU process grabs the presets, is it grabbing EVERYTHING from he module, even the operating system? So when I restore my preset file, I’m overwriting the new update as well?

Is there a way to get around this? Grab a preset from an older OS, update to 1.5, then get my presets back on there? Or do I have to recreate the patterns? Wouldn’t be an impossible task, but certainly tedious.

Oh, I see that this is a bit frustrating - I really hope that there will be an USB storage function on Ansible someday as loosing the saved presets really makes the updating cumbersome, esp. when you need to do an update for bugfixes (@tehn there still is the graphic UI error when the active part of a pattern folds around the end of a row)

If this DTFU process does work I would be happy to learn it - or maybe the new USB implementation @sam did for teletype could help to get it on Ansible too?

Last night Ansible (Kria) got into a state where the gates were stuck on. Switching preset would turn them off but as soon as they were triggered they would stay on again. Turning power off and on again fixed it and it’s not happened again since. I was playing with gate duration at the time and clocking externally with bursts from the wogglebug. I wasn’t using meta sequencing or any new features. Not sure if anyone else has experienced a bug like this?

Tried it last night…only have ansible and grid so not aware of any issue with teletype.

Of course it looks amazing but I am struggling to get my head around the actual meta-seq.
I am not able to sequence different patterns…also cannot get the loop lenght to work.

Apart from the above I have questions:

the pattern bank has 64 slots, which occupy the center four rows (64 positions). touch any position to edit

: Are those referred to the 4 Kria channels? (row 4 ch 1, row ch 2 and so on)

also which are the pattern selectors? first row?

Maybe I shall wait for the diagram. :slight_smile:

@ghost i’ve never seen this, sorry to say. please keep me posted if it happens again and any surrounding circumstances.

@bassik the 64 meta-pattern positions simply select one of the 16 available patterns. there is no per-track selection, a pattern contains all track data. documentation on the way soon…


Thanks for this! Printing!

Thanks so much for this!

Will this version work on WW (even if just two track)?

I am having an issue in which my Arc4 (one of the last wooden ones) flashes wildly. First time it did this, I reinstalled the firmware update and it then behaved normally. Then it started doing it again. A restart of the case fixed the issue, but it happened AGAIN, and now a restart not fixing it.

I’ll try another firmware flash tonight… Just thought you’d want to know.

this update is great, thanks so much i’ve been playing with it nonstop

I’ve noticed that when I’m switching away from Ansible (MP and Kria) and back again, the module has a slight pause ( maybe 1/10th second? ) which interrupts the pattern before resuming as normal. I am using Firmware 1.5.0 but this also happened in the previous firmware too.

I’ve read there have been some issues with hot swapping in Ansible reported in previous threads but was under the impression it had been resolved.


Does anyone else experience this?

Yea, when i jump back and forth on a switch between another module and Ansible I get a small lag in the timing (or at least that’s how i’m perceiving it) when the grid is switched back to Ansible.

I’d noticed it on an earlier version and it seems to have persisted here on 1.5

I was playing around w/ clocking Ansible externally where it seemed to happen less frequently or noticeably, but it still happens w/ some regularity

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it must’ve been reintroduced. i’ll check on it next week when i’m back.


Great thanks Brian

I’ve tried this too and it certainly seems to help keep things in time. Glad to hear this isn’t just a problem with my module!

that new video sounds fantastic…can anybody tell me where that bass comes from? it sounds really good to me.

I’d assume it’s a Mangrove?

Has anyone tried MP with the update?

Specifically, I want to know if others are having an issue getting all 8 triggers to fire in 8 TR mode. I can seem to only get the first four (on the TR side of the panel).

i tested this yesterday and it worked fine. is the CV side working with kria?

Kria is working fine. Maybe I’m experiencing operator error.

try loading a blank preset?