Ansible 1.6

thanks to @freqout for new feature additions: (kria) ratcheting + alt note + glide

and thanks to @Fma for updating the docs!

get it here:

and check out the docs:


If anything in the docs doesn’t make sense or is confusing please let me know. Would love to get feedback on making these better. @freqout thanks for letting me take a hack at this stuff.


I haven’t messed with meadowphysics yet, but I can certainly take a look at the docs and see if there is anything I can help clarify.

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This is awesome. You guys are the best!

Does this also include the clock-relative durations work in this PR?

20 characters of yes indeed

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Cheers to you guys and lot of fun in perspective!

No earthsea in this version correct?

quick q: was the KR.CV part of @freqout’s ratcheting build rolled into this one? just want to keep track of that feature and wanted to install their TT build, if so.

everything i’ve added is in there, including KR.CV, track muting, teletype track clocking, etc.


no earthsea, but iirc @scanner_darkly was going to pull the master into his earthsea branch once this pull request got merged.


Cool. This will be my first Ansible software upgrade. Wish me luck!

Hmm… ok so it looks like everything I have added to Teletype firmware was merged Feb 27th, which is after the last release (2.2 on Feb 15).

@tehn is it possible to bump a 2.2.1 release out to include those changes?

I found tracking down the USB A to USB A cable the hardest part :slight_smile:


yep, as @freqout said now that this has been merged to the master branch i will pull it into my earthsea branch. should be able to post a new beta today or tomorrow.

edit: new build posted: Ansible Earthsea


Cool. I’ll start there. :slight_smile:

Also I just realized the documentation I did for @tehn s meta-pattern mode is also up there. This one is a bit more complicated, but if you haven’t used meta-patterns in Kria yet and want to try to follow the docs, feedback is appreciated. @n-So I linked your sweet sweet tutorial video in the docs since it was how I learned to use it.


can someone check to make sure these new features are documented?

Thanks again all involved. I continue to love this more at every turn.

Glad I could contribute something to this awesomeness! :grin:


cool. Are there updates to the docs needed? It feels like I’m going to need to… rebase the Earthsea docs in, erk. Guess I have some fun typing times ahead!