Ansible 1.6



He means it works just like the rest of the loop/loop modifiers in that if you have 5 steps, after the 5th step it goes back to the first step.


Sorry… not what I meant… to clarify: let’s say the main note is the 5th button up (4th index into the scale) and the alt-note is the 6th note up (5th index into the scale). The indexes are added together giving 9, but the largest index for the scale of 7 notes is 6 (remember, its 0-based). So in effect, the note chosen will wrap around and be the 3rd index (9 % 6).

To me, this would just be the expected behavior so I don’t know that it merits mention in the docs with everything else already explained.

Hope that makes sense!


OK that’s not what I would expect - I’d have assumed it scrolled ‘off the screen’ for no reason other than that’s why makes sense to me. I will add that line, too!


awesome… looking forward to hearing to uses you find for it :slight_smile:


Hey gang - the public Ansible docs are now updated for 1.6.0.


Actually, it does go “off the screen” which I like a whole lot. Octave transposition doesn’t do much for my workflow, so I’ve LOVED this alternative.

fyi I usually leave all four auxiliary pitch pages running at half speed to make double length, sort of unpredictable, yet related sequences. It’s wonderful!


With the aux pitch and prob does this get into the realm of what was possible using Parc, ie multiple options for a note on each step?


heads up @tehn: couldn’t find where to log this elsewhere, but isn’t yet updated to point to 1.6.0


also - is it worth flagging on the docs which firmware version they refer to?


Yes please! I was looking for a version on the docs page and didn’t find one, which I found a little confusing. Docs should be versioned along with the products they support, if only to confirm that you’re looking at the right ones.


OK, I’ve just added a PR with that in.


@infovore you deserve awards!


de nada. I had a text editor open. (And I can’t give much back when it comes to C programming)


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sorry for my ignorance but i’m receiving a grid+ansible in the next days, i want to know if the current firmware includes also the earthsea port or if the earthsea port includes the 1.6.0 functionalities :slight_smile:
i’ll surely need the earthsea app so what do you suggest me to put in?
thanks in advance!


the official firmware does not include earthsea. the earthsea beta posted here includes everything in 1.6.0 but not what was added in 1.6.1 (“Allocate one voice on the first clock tick”).

is there anything else planned for ansible in the nearest future? if not i can rebase the earthsea beta on 1.6.1 in the next couple of days.


thanks! and obviously thanks for your hard work! can’t wait to get my hands on grid-ansible-earthsea :slight_smile: i have a truckload of ideas :slight_smile:


Would it be possible to convert this latest version of Kria (2 tracks / not 4 tracks) to work on White Whale as alternative firmware? or is it too difficult / not enough flash memory?


@Fma and @infovore (with apologies if you’re not the right people to notify about this), I’ve just noticed that there are a couple of Cycles features that aren’t covered in the current Ansible documentation: pulse division (from 1.5) and attenuation (from 1.1)


well - I’m happy to at some point fettle the docs. I’ll be doing it blind, however, because I don’t have an Arc to observe behaviour with.