Ansible 1.6



Unfortunately I also don’t have an arc to test with.


I have an Arc, and am familiar with these features, but have no knowledge of how to contribute to the docs. :sweat_smile:


Short answer: The Githubs! :slight_smile:


I wonder if its possible to add more arc functionality to Ansible in later firmwares - I think this shift register sequencer from parasite Frames firmware would work really well with Arc


I asked this in another thread: is preset management independent of firmware update on the horizon?


I don’t think so but I believe there is a way to save the existing firmware code on the module onto computer


Right…but the presets are stuck with that version of the firmware. Need to be able to load presets into new firmware somehow.


Yes I agree it’s a workaround only. The presets issue is the reason why I can’t update to v1.6 as I gig using v1.5 presets. I am seriously considering buying another Ansible as I want to use the Arc and Grid together anyway.


Back up with photos.
Take pictures of every page, re-enter after update.


That’s what I’ve been doing. Took half a day last time. :man_facepalming:t2:


I have two for that reason.


i just wanted to say thanks for this ansible update
very fun and more expressive even with the Kria/Whale sequencer --i am having fun with it


this is why i have 2 as well. highly recommend it.


Is it possible in the Kria 1.6.0 fw to tie notes together for a continuous output gate held across multiple steps? Didn’t see this documented anywhere …


yes, with the duration parameter set to maximum and the multiplier also set to maximum, the gate length will be the same as the clock step. it won’t re-trigger so it’ll give you something like a tied note.


Any chance we may see per-channel octave transposition for Kria in the future? I thought I remember that being highly considered for addition, would be amazing!