Ansible and/or Expert Sleepers FH-1

When I got my Grid the sole purpose was to run/create Max patches. Also when I later ordered the Grid.

But reading up on Ansible (and the older Eurorack modules) I realized that Grid & Arc are probably a sweet, tactile, sequencer/controller/UI for my modular rack. So I have an Ansible incoming.

But researching further, as my rack is under expansion (surprise!) I’ve been considering also adding a FH-1 from Expert Sleepers - or even a second Ansible.

Today I have a Trigger Riot and Z8000 taking care of sequence trig and modulation, but I’m willing to maybe let go of these in favor of a more Monome (and perhaps midi controller) based solution.

I’m just looking for opinions from the people here that have any experiences of the Monome modules or the Expert Sleepers route. What are the perks? The downsides? User scenarios?


I have no modular sequencer any longer. White Whale takes the place of 2 16 step modular sequencers, and other sequencer firmware can have 4 channels.

While I still have a QCD in the rack, it doesn’t get used. Meadowphysics is capable of more than it and the expander (which I recently sold) combined.

Ansible will allow you to use your grid with the modular and will convert MIDI to CV from a keyboard/synth.


i have a ES-3 and it has long been an important part of my set up. i do a lot of mixing through my modular and it lets me recall a lot more and automate in tempo to my session. eventually i will trade it in for a usb or non-lightpipe version, but now it lives at the top of my rack and is super useful. when i gig with a smaller skiff it is almost always on there too.

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I have both, a full monome setup + mannequins modules with a second mangrove and a 3 sisters arriving tomorrow and I have an ES-40/ESXGT/ESXCV/ES7 and an FH1/X expander with a novation LPP and a Launch Control. The expert sleepers is my master clock coming out of ableton and the ESXCV clocks the input to the FH-1 and then all my other monome and machinedrum, volca keys, Waldorf Pulse, Volca Beats, BeatStep Pro get their clock from either Gate or midi. It’s sounds pretty complicated but it all syncs and sounds nice when all synced up. I think now with the ES-8 is actually the best/easiest time to hop in with expert sleepers especially since you can weave in cool random CV from reaktor and M4L and drive Jitter as well which is what I do

Very interesting. As someone who does not yet have any Monome modules, this is useful. I love the QCD + expander, and especially like the infinite/unstepped increments in timing that can be dialed in with the expander. Meadowphysics allows even that fine a level of timing control?

Thanks for all the replies. Besides being able to use CCs and Note data (from a midi controller) for gate and CV through the FH-1, I’m a bit intrigued by the possibility of running for example Lemur from the iPad. Anyone go down that route?

i found it pretty unsatisfactory and went for the Launch Control 3 Sequencers and LFO route

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I have the trigger riot, ES3/6 and Monome TT/WW/ES. I’ve skipped the MP as I think from a trigger point of view, the riot covers this better, particularly for drums. I also find the Expert sleepers modules essential for DAW integration. For me the only Monome module I’m still uncertain about is Earthsea, but not ruling it out until I get around to connecting to TT.

I don’t think the QCD expander gives u stepped time divisions, it just allows CV control over the div / must knob on the QCD