Ansible + Arc (Levels) features requests

i start this tread for every one how want ask a new feature for Levels mode in Ansible

Do you have any requests for new features, though? This thread seems pre-emptive if not.


here 's my first idea :
i would happy to change the “read position” with a module like Walk (as one click = next pattern), so it would need to have the choice between “reset” or “next pattern” in 2 input.
it’s the same function of Key 1 but with foot !
for live edit it can be a great add :wink:

give me 5 minutes :slight_smile:

Pretty sure this could be done by connecting the Momentary Walk Output to the Input on Ansible. Press the footswitch, Voltage goes High, and the Pattern progresses

Different pattern lengths for the 4 knobs would be amazing. No idea how that could be displayed, though.


Not really because i use it as sequencer so there is à clock in the in1.

do you mean change the EDIT position?

i tried to pack a maximal amount of features into a usable interface-- it’s pretty steep learning as is. so while i also love this idea, there needs to be a matching interface idea to make it fit in. anyone?

Yes , instead to change it with key1, i would prefer to change it by foot. it make more sence in live situation. You 'll keep two hands to edit à step. and aslo sometimes it’s not easy to acces the key1 butons in a big patch with a lot of cables.

Have two differents slew amounts would be great too, one for up and one for down (like rise and fall in MN math, or A-170 doepfer…)

and i think about something else that would be a great add : record a movement in a pattern itself, that’s mean space for recording, i don’t know if ansible have engouht space…
It’ll create a sort of controled random sequence. And it can be interresting with notes, like in WW in CV map mod when you hold mutiple notes.

sorry if i had one new request per day, this sequencer is already really amazing, but i feel it can be improved a bit more, for the best !
So here the new one :

_ Change the root note of a the scale can be usefull in live situation.

I can do that manualy by tuning the vco, but i would prefer doing it via “Levels” dirrectly, because the vco used by Ansible is sometimes used with another sequencer in the same live (i change sequencers via a switch)

this will be possible via a teletype command once i implement the ii-remote for levels.

come to think of it, many of these feature requests could be implemented as tt-extended-features. the problem with adding ever more parameters within the levels app is that it becomes very very quickly unreadable. i spent quite a lot of time trying to make a readable interface with different visual representations and key combinations. pretty quickly this could become an unintelligible mess that requires clicking through a long menu.

i totaly understand it :wink: that’s the most important.
i just send my ideas and felling here when i use Levels.
I don’t know the possibilty of TT, but i will definitly check it !

record movement in a preset itself would be not hard to add (i mean physically) for exemple :

press 1+2, move a knob and it’s done, then press 1+2 to delet it.

but in programming, i don’t know how hard is it…

It would be useful if the trigger period at extreme CCW was “off”.

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I’d echo @chapelierfou 's suggestion of a different pattern lengths for individual knobs – although also without being able to suggest some way of implementing this.

Something I’d very much like to see would be some way of latching PATTERN mode (Key 1). Twiddling the start position and pattern length really lends itself to performance and it would great to be able to do this without having to keep a finger down on Key 1. This would also free up both hands and enable altering both the start position and pattern length at the same time.


I just wondered if it would be possible to split/combine both apps and have two LEVELS and two CYCLES at the same time?

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The obvious one for me and when I saw this is what I came up with - 1-4 head tape head emu - both dusty vinylish textures down to really really super fine “windowing”. Does that make some sense?