Ansible begins, and arc shipping update

update 9/15 - we’re pausing shipping until monday as we tackle this build. thank you for your patience!

pre-orders open, both direct and from our retailers. some retailers may take a bit longer to get their sites updated. (if your retailer doesn’t carry monome, contacting them and asking is very effective.)

video with grid modes, tt mode, midi modes… soon.

for your rack layouts:

arc components are arriving in small batches and we’ve been assured this will continue. we will start shipping arc pre-orders this monday, the 12th, unless-- if you’d like to bundle an ansible with your arc pre-order, please place an order before monday and let me know via e-mail and i’ll combine shipping (manually refunding if needed). combined shipped ansible + arc orders will go out the 16th (next friday).

ansible orders without arc pre-orders, along with any new arc + ansible orders, will start shipping on the 19th (next monday).

all those specifics mean we have a couple busy weeks ahead!


Nice! So, looking at the ModularGrid page, it looks like all of Meadowphysics is included?

EDIT: But with 4 trigger outs instead of 8 and no internal clock?

very excited by the list of included modes that are mentioned in the prelim doc.
nice work.

very curious to know if an external clock module will be needed, and if so, what i should use in my isms.


It’s all coming together, amazing.

Fwiw - as it’s all I have to play with currently - I noticed that the modulargrid has ansible at 4hp.

i am ready,
i am ready.
i am ready!

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various output modes, including 8 trig out (cv as trig). also scale modes and note outs, like the maxpat version (!!)

internal clock yes, grid-controlled.

thought i fixed that??

Wow! That sounds excellent. Time to save up…

Wow, this sounds amazing.
I’m sure it’ll be covered in the doc, but is it possible to power the +5V part of the module with my own +5V supply ? Ala, 4MS style with internal/external jumper for the +5?
At the limits of my +12V supply, and i have alot of power. I have it pre-ordered in europe, slightly concerned.

This is exciting. Eager to add it to my isms.

Any interaction with teletype possible?

I’m a little confused, i would like an arc but i would only like an arc itself, is there a price point for that?

It’s $800 here:

drooling. i want one. i need to start selling some stuff.
Anyone interested in buying some cats? Two of them. They eat ALOT and have full working Tails


The Ansible page on ModularGrid lists it as 6hp, but when you search for it from the rack view it comes up as 4hp.

No way dude! :wink: I just cleared my cache and it says 4 there too and ends up cropped to 4hp in my virtuarack :cry:

same here. image cropped when added to a rack.

6hp fixed now. (someone confirm!)


no 5v needed, all 12v. you can lessen the 12v load by using Switch to power whatever USB device. without USB power it pulls substantially less than 100ma.

unfortunately in general it is not good to be close to the stated limits of a power supply.

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can confirm that modulargrid works correctly now.
refreshed the browser window with a rack containing ansible.
image comes up uncropped and the module is listed as 6hp.

6hp fixed, yes !
12v for ansible, that’s cool :slight_smile: