Ansible begins, and arc shipping update

New batch of Arc in about two weeks time according to this thread:

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finally some stock at EFN :smile: whoop whoop!


Any idea when analog haven will be getting their stock?

AH got a box of Ansible some time ago. Arcs will take a couple weeks, along with EFN. We have a few Arcs available for sale direct while we built up the larger orders for retailers.

Thanks tehn - I’ve already paid shawn so I guess I’m a waitin’ :slight_smile:

Okay, I sold my White Whale now to get Ansible and it arrived today. I need clocked Kria and thought I might get an Arc anyway someday so it might be worth the expense.

Now when I tried to build it in the case and connect it to teletype I found that the i2c connector sits in a place where the i2c cable teletype came with does not reach it and it is upside down, compared to the other three connectors of teletype, earthsea and meadowphysics.

The i2c cable supplied with the module only has one connector - how is this meant to work? Am I just too dumb?

See ansible next to teletype here with its i2c connector on top:

Yep, this is the reason that there was an announcement about an ii-bus board:

You could of course, make up your own cable with more connectors and/or a longer reach.

Okay, it seems that I overlooked that. And I see that it is right a few posts above in this thread - there are a lot of Ansible threads around here!

EDIT: I took a walk and deleted the parts that were mostly expressing my momentary feelings but would not bring the discussion further nor provide a comfortable ambiance. And I see that we might have more important issues today of all days then hardware connections.

Okay, I might calm down later - where do I get this freaky i2c bus board?

Or did I just get something wrong?

Is Ansible meant to connect primarily to Just Friends?

Then the single cable coming with Anisble and the discontinuation of the trilogy modules would make some more sense to me.

But what will happen to teletype then?

That seems like a lot of stressing for a relatively cheap part ( Or as per the previously linked thread, you could make your own. I don’t know why the connector on Ansible was moved but I’m sure there’s a good reason (I’ve never tried to design circuit boards, but imagine getting everything into a small board presents certain challenges).

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The relatively cheap part may double in price once you ship it to Europe. Not speaking of sitting at the custom office for two hours.

It seems that I already entered the past-cursing-phase and I see you are trying to help but I don’t think that doing my own board is a suitable solution in this case since I have no idea how one does ones own PCB’s (Well, I have an idea but that’s about acid tubs and stuff like that) and I assume it would go way beyond 16 USD plus shipping to Europe/taxes and far more of a hassle to let one of them being manufactured somewhere (I have no idea and would happily get corrected here).

I can’t imagine how this decision was made without thinking of the people supporting monome by buying their modules in the past. Why not saying hey, the old i2c cable does not fit anymore with Ansible - if you already have the old one with your teletype, get in contact with your dealer, we supply him with some longer ones for those existing customers.

Instead they include a USB cable within the module - great, another one!

I’m aware of that given that I live this side of the pond. Seems to me you have a couple of options to reduce the cost (a) find someone in EU to do the PCB given the gerbers are available (note I’m not suggesting you produce the board, rather that there may be places similar to OSH; googling suggests might be an option), (b) find a dealer in the EU and ask them (Escape from Noise may already have this in hand?), © find some others and do a group buy.

I had a short look on the ringworm. It seems to be more complicated than I could handle plus I cannot believe that it is economic. EFN does not list them but I already sent Ulf a mail. (…partly deleted again for being unnecessary emotional…)

I know that there will be some kind of “solution” that will make this thing working - I am just disappointed. This is a module that is marketed as fitting in an existing framework and I expected it to physically fit there without digging into private PCB production (yes, I know - no acid tubs). At the very least it would have been nice when this necessary accessory would have been clearly mentioned when buying it from the shop.

I would not have thought something like that, remembering the slight smile that cam over my face when I opened the teletype box and found that it came with three header to mount on the trilogy modules for i2c connection. That thoughtfulness made a large impression on me.

from here II-bus board

If you could find this part overseas, seems you could plug the coupler into the empty spot on your daisy chain from teletype and use the cable included w/ ansible as an extender to reach the i2c port on its back.

I believe also discussed in that post about the bus board is the option of creating your own daisy chains of custom lengths and configurations which would likely be easier than creating the PCB board or getting it shipped overseas.


Thank you! That coupler looks like an economic way to use the supplemented cable that came with Ansible.

Honestly making your own ii cable is really easy and it has the benefit of reducing the number of connectors which could jiggle loose inside your case. The ii bus board thread mentions these connectors:

…I simply bought six of those and some ribbon cable:

Assembly of a cable which fits my current module arrangement (and reaches up to my JF module) took < 10 minutes and nothing more that a pair of wire cutters and a hammer (just pay attention to the connector orientation).


Yes, this or the coupler. I would not have an unnecessary spare cable left then…:slight_smile:

@tehn, is it still possible to change the arc’s friction setting in a similar way as described here? Is there any major change to the tools or process?

if it’s that old version of the arc you can do it. if you have a newest arc it’s not adjustable. if your new arc is jammed up, e-mail

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